Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Purse Edward experiences Texas Roadhouse

Pocket Edward, who in my reality is Purse Edward because I rarely wear pockets, 

went with me today to Texas Roadhouse for my dinner.  

He wasn't all that interested in any of the food.  

He did ask for some steak really really really rare like still walking around, but they didn't have that as an option. 

Guess it's hard to extract blood from a cut of meat huh?  Whatev...He and his evil twin brother, my friend Kelley's PE were about to fight over my affections until we put a bucket of peanuts in between them.  

They calmed down and crawled or rather were carried back into their respective purses/pockets.  

On another topic, those bloggers over there at Robsessed truly are addicted to blogging because I got like 25 messages from them in a 4 hour period and I knew every step that Robert Pattinson took.  

Yeah, umm as much as I love Twilight and Robert Pattinson, enough with the Tweets, just put it on your blog and don't tweet it not everyone, believe it or not, has unlimited text messages and I don't want to have to turn off the notifications because they are usually really good and pertinent, but today was just insane!

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