Saturday, May 2, 2009

When you are thinking of One movie and watching another

While sitting earlier this evening around 10 o'clock. I'm watching X-men origins and all I can think about is, man, I wish I were home watching Twilight, or I wish this was New Moon. Not that X-men wasn't awesome it's just every once in a while I have to have my Twifix or I start jonesin. X-men was good, Terminator, Salvation will be better, but I can't wait until November 20, when Edward (RPatz) will finally be back in my life and feeding my addiction once again. He and this series are like my own personal brand of heroine. I want to find my Edward and I mean soon! To quote another of my favorite movies, Charlotte York in Sex in the City, "I've been dating since I was fifteen, Where is he!?" Do I have to get hit by a cab, married to a guy who is impotent, divorced and marry my divorce lawyer until I can have my Breaking Dawn ending? Dangit, patience is not my virtue. Sorry I just combined Sex and the City and Twilight's plots, but it just popped into my head and seemed like a good comparison. Mr. Big, Edward, whatever form he comes in bring me my true love!

UPDATE 05/18/2017 :  I no longer care about Robert Pattinson, no one really does, I am not longer addicted to Twilight but instead that obsession has been replaced with Supernatural still on the air. Season 12 finale tonight.  Season 13 already on the schedule. Been to 3 SPN cons had a blast at all of them.

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