Sunday, May 31, 2009

I wish I was a Vampire because Vampires Don't have Allergies

As I sit here with my head hurting and my nose itching where it makes me want to tear it off my head.  Oh my god!  I am so sick of allergies.  Kelley likes to blame this phenomenon on Nashville, but I don't think it's all Nashville's fault.  Now don't get me wrong Nashville is partly to blame, but all my life I had trouble breathing through my news due to a deviated septum.  For real though, I didn't just say that to fix my nose, or the look of it but I legitimately needed this surgery.  The minute I could breathe, all my history of no allergies ended and a new reality of sneezing and watery eyes and an itchy nose and sinus headaches emerged!  Lucky me! I hate this it sucks and is lamespice to the extreme. ALLERGIES GO AWAY DAMN YOU!

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