Monday, June 1, 2009

Holy Crap! Allah Dammit!

QUOTE OF THE DAY The world is governed more by appearances than realities, so that it is fully as necessary to seem to know something as to know it.
  - Daniel Webster

Dear Blogger...wish u had more fonts..kthanxbye
Dear Exxon...make your pumps go faster, don't have time to stand by my car FOR-EV-ER!
Dear Logan...(my trainer) OW!
Dear Kellebelle...You make me laugh every day and because of that you are awesomespice! Luv ya! Fo realz!
Dear LG Blu-ray people....please fix my blu-ray player as I only have Twilight on Blu-ray...NO!!!!
Dear TV...please put on some new shows...mes be so bored!

Dear Men of Harry Potter:  Yous be hotspice! 

Dear Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: You=me died!


dear Sienna hobag sucks don't touch Channing might give him some of your sicknast coodies! He's not your type he's not married yet! HANDS OFF!
Dear New Moon Trailer: You are awesomespice!!! (wanted to put a link to it here) no one is following this anyway!
Dear R to the Pattz: Still love you...but ask TLau next time you dress
Dear KStew:undecided whether I like you or not...I'm on the more sneakers with dresses that is lamespice!
Dear Taylor Lautner: me likey! 

Dear Federal Government: Change that legal age to 17 kthanxbye! It bes for a good reason!  Then, I can lust after TLau and not feel slimy...kthanxbye!
Dear Jeff Dunham...please come to nashvegas me needs to laugh a lotta bit!
Dear Nashvegas:  you make me sneeze my head off and my nose itch! Lamespice!
Dear Air France Plane: I hope you guys okay...that you are floating in the sea somewhere and you are all found! I be prayin for ya!

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