Friday, June 12, 2009

Almost Done with School! And btw it's FRIDAY:

Dear Friday: You are my favorite day ever! I love you even though you have to work on Friday the feeling of relief is palpable the minute you are done with the day.  Today after I finished writing my essay in my last class ever the sense of relief that washed over me was strong...the force was strong with that one!

Dear Blu-ray Peeps: You did it you fixed it! You rock...well not really, but thanks for fixing it for me, hope it lasts :)

Dear Kellebelle: Have fun on your Columbia girls weekend.  I'll see you Sunday for the premiere of True Blood and for me to give you last minute instructions on taking care of my house for me. 
P.S. I am so jealous of how funny your blog is you are so naturally gifted at sarcasm that you don't even realize how awesome your blogs are!
sorry had a random Rpattz moment

Dear True Blood: Thank you so much for finally coming out and not to mention on the day before I leave for Europe.

Okay so I have a Purse Edward too and I took him to Kroger with me, he helped me shop.  He's being extra nice because he bit Kellebelle.  Her PE tried to make up for it, but mine has such a big heart that he wants to make up for hurting my friend so he's been trying to do everything for me.

He showed me some sales on cereal! 10 for 10 dollars is a good idea...he didn't want to be exposed to Nashvillians though because all the crazies are in town, so we went shopping on the sly!

Then he made sure that we get our Vitamin C in for our flight to London on Monday, he's stowing away in my purse, he has to go through the x-ray machine, wonder if they will ask me what he is?  He might be exposed! And he's so considerate he got the low-acid kind cause he knows the regular kind makes my stomach hurt! He's so sweet, well right now, he's groveling!

PE got a little pissed and we had a tiff in the car because I told him that was the Ipod Nano and he didn't believe me, he said it was too big to be called "nano" and that it was the regular kind.  Then he got all pissed cause I couldn't find him Claire de Lune! Whatevs! He owes me! You don't let your twin PE bite my best friend and just get away with it!
In typical male fashion after we found Clare de Lune on the Ipod NANO he got mad cause he saw my GPS system and was very offended.  I asked him why, while rolling my human eyes and he said, that if I would take him out more often and let him ride in the car with me he could tell me how to get everywhere and I wouldn't need this thing!
Typical man never wants to ask for directions.  I don't think he knows his way around my purse, much less Nashvegas.

Then just to shut him up, he wanted to drive! I said that he could if he could start the ignition all by himself...well instead his little pocket arm got stuck in the key ring, but he managed to get the key in the ignition just couldn't turn it! So Close!
Too bad guess the women folk will be driving today PE.

He wanted another chance so I told him if he could shift into drive I would let him help me drive.  Well he made it to Reverse but it took all his little pocket vampire power and then he was so tired he didn't want to drive anymore and asked to be put into his purse to rest for more adventures another day

Guess what?  Did you know that Lauren from laurensbite actually invented the name pocket edward wow we owe her more than we know...hint hint my pocket friends...

She is one cool chick that Lauren!

Here ends another adventure of Purse Edward and his many Nashville adventures...hopefully he will get to come out of the purse in Europe, but as my Mom has not been turned into a Twilight fan, I can't get her to read the books no matter what I do...she may not help me have adventures with PE in Europe but at least he will get to go along in my purse!

Stay tuned to see how that turns out! I'll be gone until the end of the month don't forget me! I leave Monday mornin! Love ya! And if I fail to deliver on my promise to send you all post cards from Europe I'll buy them and send them from Nashville, at least I will have bought them over there!

Okay comment me and tell me what you think! Kellebelle wants me to get a pocket Angel to be Pocket/Purse Edward's company...what do you think should I get one????? Comment me and tell me yes or no!

Love ya!


  1. LOL that was hilarious!! ;D

    oh, and thanks for telling me how funny and sarcastic i am. i wish i could see it. :)

    love ya! can't wait for true 6lood sunday. it wouldn't let me copy and paste that damn little letter! :(

  2. Hahahahahaha you're going to make me pee my pants, and that's not hard to do these days!! It ALMOST makes me want to get one myself.