Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today didn't TOTALLY suck!

K today started no sleep thanks to the awesomeness that is Harry Potter and the End of Trees...ummm Deathly Hallows I mean..hehe
Okay I don't know who the hell Jim Dale is but whatevs.....

K lemme give you a little background on the joke above you might not get it...
On SNL fake news Jimmy Fallon said that JK Rowlings book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows had sold 8 million copies in its first 3 weeks or something insane like that...and due to the fact that she has sold so many books and it's a whopping 800 pages...they have changed the title to Harry Potter and the End of Trees...get it?

I was listening to a radio station the other day and it was here in Nashvegas Tennessee...hick would think...but someone suggested the afternoon or evening whatevs...that they called random numbers in South Carolina..businesses and asked them what paper is made out of...and no one knew...ONE COMPANY SAID IT WAS MADE OUT OF PLASTIC...that it was made out of trees....ok South Carolina you are lamespice! And Apparently Stupid!

Dear People Who Saved My Arse: THANK YOU!  To those kind people who warn oncoming traffic when there is a dumbass cop looking for speeders by flashing their lights!  You are the best!  I think that is the first nice thing I've had to say about Nashville traffic in let me think....EVER

Dear Magical Power to Change Traffic Lights Red that I have recently acquired: YOU SUCK! of all the magical powers in all the world why did I get this sucky one!

Dear School: you are stressing me out! I hate you!  I'm so close to done but at the same time not's hard!  

Dear Keyboard Shortcuts on Blogger: why won't you work? I mean I know I have a MacBook but they usually work!

Dear Buttons on Blog Pages: Why can't I figure out how to make one...thanks Crystal because I'm comptarded....
Dear Rob Pattinson:  New York is not Nashville you got lost! umm...airplane to Nashville go!

Dear Maybe/Maybe Not Relationship Robsten: Make your damn minds up already and I will NOT believe it until I see PROOF! Keep the kissing on screen!

Dear Celeb Man Meat: Ian Somerhalder and Daniel Radcliffe MMMM!


  1. i wonder how he got new york and nashville confused!!!

  2. They both start with N...maybe he is all beauty and no brains...who knows...he'll get here eventually!