Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thanks for Being You!

Dear Friends: Thanks for following, you will be rewarded comment me with your address and when I leave for Europe on Monday I will try in the two weeks I'm in Europe to send a postcard to all 4 of my followers. Good things come to those who follow!

Dear Kellebelle: Don't forget me when I'm in Europe! Love ya! even though you have all your new "old high school friends" Damn you for having such a funny blog that mine looks like crappy crap in comparison! :D

Dear LG people: I try to be tolerant and all that but you are seriously pissing me off. If I call to ask if my Blu-ray player is fixed here's the answer I want...yes or no...nothing else. And I'm not prejudiced and all, but please give me costumer service agents that SPEAK ENGLISH

Dear Gas:
Get cheaper! You are pissing me off! kthanxbye!

Dear Pharmacists:
screw your sign! If I push the button and you don't come after
five minutes I WILL push it again!

Just give me my meds and go away kthanxbye!
My blog has been lacking with the R to the Pattinson
Remedy Below:

Dear Garage Door: I have no amount of words to express my gratitude about how you've takin' a lickin and kept on tickin'

Dear GM: I hate you! I want a Japanese car! I'm so sick of my frickin Chevy it's always something with you dammit! Lamespice!

Dear Ryan Reynolds:

Thanks for being so hot!

Dear School: 1 project down, several to go before Friday (thank god) almost done

Dear True Blood Season 2: Hurry the hell up and get here already I'm sick of waiting for Vampire Man meat.

Dear Trip: When the hell am I gonna pack and how are my clothes gonna get clean? I have to go do laundry now....I hate laundry!

Dear Kellebelle1981: Please continue to post man meat and funny stuff on your blog while I'm in Europe because if I can find internet access I wanna read!

Dear China: Make pocket Wesley, pocket Angel and for my kellebelle, pocket Spike kthanxbye!

Love you


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  1. i will try to keep things going in your absence! and i won't let pocket edward go too crazy on your cats! hopefully i can be funny enough to crack you up while in england! :)

    love ya, julz! :D