Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chez Paris...Good Bye...Bonjourno Roma!

Disclaimer: None of the following pictures are mine...I have hundreds already in my camera including many of Pocket Edward they will be posted when I get home with fun commentary! Just sayin'

Okay my loyal five followers...

The following is a run down of what I've been doing in London and France for the past few days.

Rode on this through the nice and posh..chic!

Dear England: I hate to break it to you...but France's countryside is prettier at least what I could see from the train under the English channel. I'm so gonna rent the movie French Kiss when I get home! Sorry the picture is so big?

Dear Mom: I'm so glad that I didn't have to go to the Louvre by meself, that sucked I was scared I would get so lonely I would start talking to some statue and they would kick me out.

Dear Louvre: You are insanely huge! WTF? It took me like 2 hours to find the Mona Lisa and when I did it was so was...sorry no big deal.

Dear Vincent Van Gogh: You pissed me off! Why weren't your best paintings on display in the Musee d'Orsay? It was like here's one of me and my bedroom, but where the hell was starry night....not cool vinny not cool.

That painting was all I wanted to see not this one!

This one!

But was it there....of course not! Where is this painting?

Dear King Louis 14th: I don't do roman numerals takes to much thinking for those. Groddy you only took a bath 7 times a year...nasty! Versailles was insanely gaudy but dude if I were the most powerful man in a country with endless resources I would do whatever I want including have gold walls...but I'm not so whatever...I'll stick with hot running water and bathing everyday!

This is the hall of mirrors in Versaille like i said gaudy
Dear Europe: Why do you insist on making me take pictures when my hair hasn't been straightened in forever because your stupid plugs are dumb or something! I hate that! I love to visit you my Europe, but only visit, for all of you (kellebelle) who bitch about where you live, if you live in the USA you are lucky. We are all lucky to live there....respect! Europe is fun, but ummm..naked men sun bathing next to the Seine river in Paris....gross! Anyone see was like that...kthanxbye!

Dear Peter Facinelli: Why are you following Kellebelle and not me? I know she worked hard but i'm cool too...hehe nah it's okay she bes my homegirl!

Dear Pocket Edward: You are damn near irresistable...even my Mom is getting on the band wagon..although I don't think she gets where Pocket Edward came from.

Why are you in a toilet paper roll? Well my PE tried to climb the Eiffel Tower yesterday...ummm...he doesn't remember how small he is....let's just say he's brooding right now! Tucked away in my purse to explore Rome...

Dear French Workers: Tourists suck...I get it...they are annoying, but if you work behind the cash register at a gift shop get a clue, be nice to the costumers we don't have to buy your gawdy crap and we hate when you are rude about knock it off!

Dear French Cafes: You rock my world...can't we have one like every five feet in Nashville like you do here in Paris...umm and can you send the recipes there too?

Dear Wine: are damn good! I love that you are free anywhere with dinner in France....AMEN!

Dear Paris: You bes cool as hell....I bes back I promise! Now on to it love it...

Love you guys miss all my friends in the states I'm a little homesick for my bed and my cats and my friends but I'll get over it as I'm walking through the colloseum in Rome...hehe just kidding...

Love Julz

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  1. LOL i love your DEAR PETER FACINELLI letter. everyone keeps asking me how to get him to follow them. i'm like I DON'T KNOW! i just pimped the ever loving crap out of him haha! but seriously, hurry the hell back! omg!