Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cell Phones are Wierd!

k...I was wondrin' why are cell phones so important now?
I'm sorry I left it at home once...geez you woulda thought I forgot an arm the way people were talking...

k IT WAS HORRIBLE!!! or you woulda thunk! I wasn't freakin but everyone else was! wtf?

Dear People Who Leave Long Voicemail messages: stop it! I don't want to listen to that shizz...just leave your number and I'll call you back..don't need a run down of the whole day kthankx bye

Dear Vampire Diaries: I don't get the order you go in...explain kthanxbye!

Dear Kellebelle: I hate and love you for making me go out and buy another vampire book!

Dear Crystal: You and Saydie Mason rock my world...thanks for our button...we officially love you now..you will never be rid of us mwahahahahah...(evil laugh)

Dear Vampires: you're cool! can I be one?

UNIVERSAL TRUTH#1- All Vampires=hot!

Exibit A: Ian Somerhalder...Vampire Diaries..The End.

Dear TV: ummm..hi see yesterday's post...kthanxbye!

Dear Harry Potter and the End of Trees....ummm I mean the Deathly Hallows You are hotspice!

Dear Ian Somerhalder....where have you been all my life? You bes so bad on Vamp Diaries...don't make it shorter...umm VD doesn't sound good! It doesn't sound all that hot! just sayin'

Dear Hormones: get to the supressing because I don't have a man in my life right now so don't be cropping up on me randomly during the day....kthanxbye!

Dear Me: You are not a supermodel and Robert Pattinson will not marry you! DAMMIT!
He smokes anyway, but I could get used to that Rawr! I want him!


  1. you know you love me! vampires are hot. just deal. ummm...i enjoyed the "dear vampire diaries" part. it made me lol. :D

  2. Oh, yes.. Ian Somerhalder is going to make a nice addition to the vampire community!! And Vampire Diaries will give us something to talk about while we r waiting for the rest of the twilight movies =)