Saturday, June 6, 2009

I've Calmed Down and Got A Little Perspective!

It was a beautiful day in Nashvegas! I had not had a good day on Friday! I was in a dark place and I don't mean somewhere with no lights.

Dear Evil Twin Me: It does not matter if Robert Pattinson wants to date Kristen Stewart, you will never meet him and even if you did, he would never fall for you.  So quit being mad over stupid gossip mags!

Dear Day Without RPattz: I needed you.  Ever since I have become a blog and twitter addict I have heard non stop about Rob Pattinson and every step in his life.  I can't take it anymore!
I went to see Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian with my Mom and although the subject of Jon and Kate came up not once did Rpattz come up!  I needed a little respite from my obsession.  Don't get me wrong I love RPattz

I just can't worry about his dating life like it matters to my life at all.  So in other words...perspective found me!

Dear Loneliness and Leftoutedness:  You suck!  Okay what sucks worst is before Kellebelle started coming over everyday (and I love that she does) I was fine being my own best friend but right now, I am sitting here blogging my lil heart out because she and my other bestie are out at a party I was not invited to.

I need a hug!

Dear Laurens Bite: I am so mad! If I ever get my little hands on those idiots who called you bad names I will kills them!  Well not really cause I'm not crazy, but I will yell at them thouroughly! I love your blog girl keep it up! And you are not FAT (want to murder these idiots) grrr...

Dear Stupid Miley Cyrus Song: I like you The Climb! For some reason this song makes me happyness.  I like it for you know....reasons

Dear Garage Door: 1st of all you open too slow and I'm a doofus and keep backing into you in the middle of doin your thang! I stupid I sorry! Keep working for me k?   Love you!

Dear Driving in Nashville Summer Nights: Love cruisin in my SUV with the windows down to the BOOKSTORE cause me bes loser who reads all the frickin time.  The temp was perfect and except for people in cars in front of me who's cigarette smoke drifted back...the air smelled fresh!

Dear LG Blu-ray Player Reparers: Fix it and send it back now!!! Oh and you suck! kthanxbye.  Can't believe I went through all that trouble to get it to you fast and then you left it on a shelf for two!

Dear School: I hate you! I hate that I have homework tomorrow and all week long and that I can't be excited for my trip cause you are worrying me sick!

In case you haven't noticed I'm a little bit of a worrier...duh!

Dear Vampires: I need to watch one of you please come on TV or to the movies

Dear True Blood: Due to the fact that I am reading the Sookie books and the show is so Jason being in the Fellowship of the Sun WTF? NO! And all the V-blood stuff last season with Jason was so dumb.  Hello, stay more true to the books Kthanxbye!
There better be an good Eric sex scene or I'm gonna throw something!

I'm out for now....Julie


  1. mmm...eric!! team eric all the way! :D

    sorry you were all lonely while i was at my high school reunion! love ya girl!

  2. TEAM ERIC!!! Yes, there BETTER be an awesome Eric sex scene!!!!

  3. Hi im a twitter friend of Kelley! AND A HUGE FAN OF
    A HUGE FAN!!!!!!