Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The World Conspires Against Me on A Daily Basis!

Dear Remote Control: I swear I have a ghost or just menacingly bitchy bff (you know who you are kellebelle) who either swipes the remote or takes it and hides it under the pillow nearest her...coincidence? I think not! oh yeah and stop getting stuck in the couch cushions and come when I call you! Accio Remote!!!!!

Dear Blu-ray Fixer Peeps: you have held my player hostage long enough, how come when I sent it Fed-ex it took oh I dunno----1day to get to you but when you "supposedly" have shipped it, it takes forever to get here?

There is only one thing good about a migraine--Pocket Edward Adventures...wanna see?  go to see button -----------> over there somewhere

This has to be some of the FUNNIEST SHIZZ I've ever seen...

Wanna see something else that's hilarious?

If you have any interest in Pocket Edward stuff! Watch this!

Oh my god! Edward sparkles in this and everything....WATCH IT! DO IT!

Despite my official warnings not to Kellebelle has decided to let Illyria (aka smurf girl)
out of her box and she's getting PE to do it! She will kill him!  
He will be so jealous cause she can bend her legs and he can't!

Me and PE had some fun at Kroger as we were being stealthy trying to buy some food...
didn't want anyone to know he was in town! They might mob him, he does look an awful lot
like this actor guy called Rpottz or somethin' plus there is a lot of crazy looking out for celebs
peeps in town this week...not wanting PE to get mobbed by paps and all.

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  1. okay i admit. i'm secretly swiping your remote cuz it's funny to watch you search all over the neighborhood for it! :P