Sunday, June 21, 2009

In Paris and Je t'aime So far (means I love you)

Hi everyone from Paree, it's spelled Paris but it is pronounced Par-ee. I'm sitting in the lobby of this frickin AWESOME hotel in Paris and have to say, like it more than London.

Dear London, You were fun, but dude, Paris? Hello! Awesome!
Dear Paris: So far, you rock my world, what little I've seen of you. It's like a nice mix of crazy and awesome here which equals Parfait! or perfect.

Dear Nashville: Can't say I miss you yet, but I'm sure America will be looking good come the end of this week.

Dear Besties: Miss you bunches! Trust me you are all getting presents. Don't have much money, the Dollar ain't what it used to be let me tell you it's like 50 cents for every Euro, meaning like I got 400 dollars and they gave me 200 would be less if it was Euros, don't know how much less, but less. Anyway, I have big plans for the next few days, the 3 I have here and the 3 I have in Rome, before my insanely long flight back home. Damn!

Dear Kellebelle: Babysit your little butt off because everything here is so freakin expensive. I've left London and I'm now in Paris and the exchange rate is worse. The Euro is kicking our ass...the pound isn't doing too bad either!
Here's a "for instance" I exchanged my money at the airport. I gave the man 400 US Dollars, he then proceeded to give me 215 lbs. you do the math...grrr...that cut my money in half, but see it evens out because like a 20 dollar book in the US would be like 10 pounds here...that makes it even see...sort's confusing.

Dear Mom: Enough with being sick. You have had several sicknesses and I am sick of the sickness. I want you to feel better so you can go with me and enjoy Par-ee.

Dear 5 followers: First of all,,,,, Kelley has like 23 wtf? I know she is funnier than me but dude that's just nuts! No one Loves Me!!!! Wahhhh!

Okay I'm over my moment.
Sorry bout that...true colors shining see my true colors that why I love you...don't be afraid to let them show I see your true colors....okay I figured out why no one follows me. Well I will bet you 10 Euros you will, when me and Pocket Eddie get back from Europe with all our pictures...he is proving to be very photogenic if not a good poser. I have a whole other blog called, Pocket Edward goes to Europe...address here to read about his adventures, then when I get back on june 29th go here to see them...follow pocket Eddie he loves Europe and wants to show it off! Go Now! I said now!

Dear Rpattz: Just Let me say, I'm sorry! You are so hot we sometimes forget ourselves and think you are really a vampire that doesn't need air. This girl is not like every stalker fan that you have, we will not all attack you and try to choke you so we can take a picture of you. Ummm...what the hell was this girl smokin?

Dear Europe: What's with my straightening iron not working, my hair looks like crap which=pics of me look like crap...get it! Work already! Damn you!


  1. girl, you're hilarious! just pimp the crap out of it on twitter and people will pay attention! :D

    miss you! can't wait to see you! and i'm so jealous you've seen the harry potter staircases! how do i go about seeing all that? :D

  2. If you want to see the Harry Potter staircases you have to drive out to BFE England and go to Oxford University...good luck it takes like hours to get there from London...I also saw the dining hall they used and modeled it from that was awesome! What a cool school to have all those Harry Potter moments!