Friday, June 19, 2009

More England to come then of to Chez Paris and Pocket Edward

Dear England: What's with the frickin weather? It's cold here! Jackets required in June, seriously
Dear unphotogenicness: Leave me alone! Seems like every picture I take I look like a fact cow!
Dear my pocket Edward please use your vampire dazzling to make it easier to take your picture.

On that note I started this blog before I let PE venture out he was stuck in the hotel for like 2 days and was getting restless because there is NOTHING on British TV that would appeal to his little plastic vampire likes.

Yesterday we went to this castle owned by some rich dude. Madam Tussaud's which my mom and I are visiting today I'll get my picture with Johnny Depp, man meat indeed. PE got a little freaked out at all the huge wax people he didn't understand why I could move and they couldn't. He also saw all this weaponry and wanted to use it but there was only one thing there he could fight. The WEATHER! lol no there is will have to wait until I get back from Europe to see but these pictures will be worth the wait.

Dear Harry Potter: I saw the very first moving staircase from Hogwarts and the dining hall that the first movie's feast and sorting hat were filmed. It was at Oxford, natch, and I bought Pocket Edward a T-shirt from Oxford because he says he went there. yeah the T-shirt fits me better so I think I'm gonna be an Indian giver and take it offense to you guys!

Dear Mom: Yes, I am five years old and yes I like to play with a 7 inch plastic doll with a bouffant...don't judge...just deal...k? Actually she is being so cool about it, but she doesn't get it when I take pictures that aren't "technically history related, Whatever.....

Dear Besties both on and off the net Love you guys! I miss you so much! Can't wait to come back and tell you about all my big adventures. To my net back on soon

I'm scared to death of France. It's hard enough getting around here much less in chez paris, and here I (sort of) speak the language. I know like three French phrases and how the hell do I order off a menu I don't know. My Mom and I have trouble finding places to eat as it the hell will we do it in French and Itatlian...ehhh...we'll figure it out I suppose.

Dear Kelley: My cats are lonely without me who wouldn't be? lol love you thanks for taking care of my possessions.

Love ya


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