Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Europe part 1: The UK (England)

K in case you didn't know I recently went to Europe. Yay!
and now I can't find my major stuff that went in my wallet as I didn't take one to Europe with me this sucks! Thus goes the story of my life, with every good thing comes something little that sucks just enough to ruin my fun!

So after a long six hour flight....we landed in London! I was psyched, but my Mom was motion sick...that sucked...so after some jet lag recovery time we made our way to England's 
most famous department store...it's a freaking huge place! Like London! Hello lots of freakin people!

This ladies and gentlemen is a  part of one side of Harrod's department store of which I obtained a purse and some presents for my girls! Don't try to shop in the actual store though it's wayyyyyy expensive....and the dollar is weak...I gave the dude like 400 USD and he gave me 236 British pounds...wtf!!!!????

disclaimer:  I am NOT the best photographer in the world...just sayin'

This is Windsor castle where the queen "summers" or whatever...she was "in residence that day." You could have eaten off the floors, that's how clean it was....srsly! Those Brits definitely work their English butts off when it has anything to do with Royalty!

Dear Prez O: the pound and the Euro are kicking our ass....do something!!!

Dear Followers: forgive how lamespice and boring these pics are you take a million and half the time you forget what they are of...what did we do before digital cameras?  I mean there is not enough film in the world!

Dear Kelley: You suck! Why do you get the PFace autograph and not me why does everyone on twitter love you and not me ....I'm developing a complex...i swear!

Dear Kelley: here is a castle that you could move into when you marry Rpattz...(yeah right)
You would have to kick out the queen of england though...and she has lots of guards...

see lots of guards...er..ummm..er.....

see lots of guards...they have instruments instead of guns but you get the picture!

Holy crap! I am the most unphotogenic person on Earth I look horrible and what the hell is wrong with my foot? wtf? Dude this sucks...I can't take a good picture if my life depended on it I swear...I look so dumpy and fatness here....lamespice!  Well anyway, that's me in front of St. George's chapel attached to Windsor Castle where King Henry VIII is buried next to Jane Seymour (the wife of his not the actress, she's still alive)

OMG! What the hell...could I look any huger???? Dude! I am so unphotogenic, either that or fat?  maybe a little of both???

Dear kellebelle: I took this picture of the red phone booths for you, they are getting more rare every day...these two were not functioning they were locked up behind a gate!

Random English greenery moment:  *chirping crickets*


And now...for one of the main reasons I LOVE THE UK!

Wish there were more guys that looked like this when I was there....Damn he's fine! It's almost as if he could dazzle people...oh wait..umm...yeah...uh

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  1. Love all the Europe pics... so jealous! I want to go!