Thursday, July 2, 2009

Europe Part 2 (the UK continued Stonehenge and Bath)

Here are some more boring pictures of my exciting trip to Europe. I feel like that person who makes his neighbors sit down and watch his slide projector show of his vacation.

Sorry: You don't have to read if you don't want to

This is a picture of the little Inn that we ate lunch in on our day bus trip to the mysterious Stonehenge. The food wasn't all that good but it was cute...hence picture

K what's scary about Stonehenge is that for all the rocks you see on the surface they are that deep in the ground. Also, it is ALWAYS cold there, the day we went, on June 17th it was almost SLEETING! in June, wtf?

Look at my wierd trying to be a cheesy model pose...I hate pictures.

this was how our visit never take a picture head on when you have on like a money belt thingie under your clothes...i needed a bigger coat that day I was freezin

It's wierd how it's always cold there no matter's almost Alien in nature...hint hint...

they still don't know how it was built or's scary almost...I have images of Aliens placing the stones to make later contact.

This is a circle of apartments in Bath, England which is actually becoming a happening place. The White Door on the left of my mother's fingers holding her camera is where NICOLAS CAGE lives....and there's rumor Johnny Depp is looking to invest as well looks like Baths er Bath are/is

Some church in Bath...there are churches everywhere in Europe...they are all pretty...nough said.

This is a natural Roman bath they had in the town of Bath, huh, where do you think they got the name for the town...geez...creative much? or not

the water is always warm and it dates back to like 6 AD really it was kinda boring...

turns out the Romans would throw coins in with curses on them to curse someone who did them wrong...

and then they would get in the baths and try to heal any affliction they had, which probably just made them sicker....

anyway it's in ruins now but the water was always there even when it was under huh? Not

Random English Countryside Moment of the Day

*crickets chirping*

Why I love England: reminder

wait for it!

wait for it!

It will be Legend


See Legendary!

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