Thursday, July 16, 2009


Dear Readers: as you can see I've changed the format of my blog? any comments? I am still messing with it to find the perfect template!

I read somewhere that Rob Pattinson is not a good tipper when eating.

Who the frick cares?

Getting to look at him while you serve him food should be payment enough.

They also say that he is doing crazy things like not tipping and trying to draw the papparazzi to him to keep them from bugging Kristen Stewart how many people believe that? Not me!

Here's the most recent pic I've found of Rob.

Is it me or does he look a little bit like pocket edward? with his head all bent over like that?

and what's with the blue, blue jeans (duh), blue shirt, blue script...dude are we sensing a pattern here?

Rob says he has the body of a pre-pubescent (can't spell that) girl...umm not true last time I checked!  If so, point me toward said girl! Lemme see for myself


HOT! is going to be amazing I suggest you follow us on @celebmameat at twitter and then go see our 100th post!

This is freaking hotness! 2 Minutes that you will NOT REGRET!

Okay hotness that is Taylor Kitsch Rpattz(Edward Cullen) and Kellan Lutz....yay!

Dear Allergies: Go Away! You are going to be the death of me!

okay that's all the randomness in my head today...this is where I spent my day:

and I did this!

what an exciting day huh? NOT! I even put in Twilight to watch for the 48377374858577349484 time.

The End....

Love ya,

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  1. Dear Julie: Please change the format of your blog! This is all over the place! My poor brain doesn't know what to make of it!!

    And I'm right there with you on the allergies from Hades! Ugh!