Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday What a Weird Hump Day

Being at the movie until all hours of the night created an alternate universe!
All the people on my street are out doing stuff, most of them are one step from hermits here. 

I've lived here for 5 years and never met one of my immediate neighbors

Okay, here's my description of last night, @kellebelle1981's will prolly be funnier but I persist still!

So, I have to admit I had a moment of dorkness feeling 
with my Gryffindor jacket and shirt on walking through Kroger....who cares what the Kroger dorks think right?


We arrive: now the party can start! Word!

We are decked out in our reversible Gryffindor jackets and Kelley's Muggle shirt and my Gryffindor shirt..not the best angle for me..I look enormous!

Went to the grocery store to buy our Kleenex we didn't use...see http://juliesmoviereviewpage.blogspo

I took Pocket Edward with me:
Here's what happened!

setting:  Crazy pandemonium as people flooded in every second and every second it got worse.

Well, @kellebelle1981 and I got there like 10:45 for the midnight show.
We were bored, so we pulled out Pocket Edward

PE is hard to take pictures of because he sparkles so much that the flash does wonky things to backgrounds.

I didn't think PE looked as excited as me and Kel so we told him to show some emotion!
(really he was scared, there were so many people dressed up weird everywhere)

here he is doing his best Price is Right girl imitation
Tell em what they get Bob:

This huge poster! 

Then as I was taking this:

and some girl walked in front of the pic as I was aiming RUDE MUCH?
this was PE's second attempt at chanelling the Price is Right girls!

so the same girl that walked in front of my pict
ure as I was aiming stopped and was like hey look at this and her hand went toward PE *brief moment of fury and fear* 

Bitch tried to pocketnap my PE the same PE I protected through three countries and several crowds...


this is Kelley's face because we were waiting in line to sit down..she drank that whole coke and ate that popcorn...where does she put it?
This wasn't even our was the line to get into our line! Dude bizarre!

Bella: Everyone is staring
Edward: Not that guy
Edward: Nope he just looked
*playing Spotlight, from Twilight soundtrack*

Sorry back to Earth had a random Twilight world alternate dimension wormhole moment.

This is Edward: He was doing crowd control by trying to dazzle them! Crowd look at me calm down
*dazzle, dazzle, dazzle*


 These were not Twilight fans, these were Harry Potter geeks!
Not your usual humans!

Since he was feeling bad about the humans not being dazzled by him he dove for some COMFORT FOOD
Kelley's popcorn!
Me: PE get out of that bag
PE: PE comforting
Me: Get the hell out or Kelley might rip off y
our legs
PE: *talks with mouth full* I'll
 take my chances.
Me: Don't say I didn't warn you!
Dear Nashville: quit your bitchin' (thunderstorms=bi
tchin') yes you are hot and humid, shut up about it! Now!

Oh my god I borrowed this from Pocket Edward Evil Twins site thanks!

This is aweso

This is me and Kelley we were so bored we couldn't think of anything else to do so...we posed! Cheese!

Then, these little 12 year old girls were about to have a caniption because like Miley Cyrus' ex boyfriend in his girl's jeans....showed up or got recognized or whatever!

they were about to freak out when the line finally started moving and then we got to sit down for another hour before finally getting to see the movie

Okay here is a new man for us all to drool over
....boyfriend to Twilight's Ashley Greene (supposedly)
Ian Somerhalder meet Ramblings blog

Ramblings blog meet Ian Somerhalder

Oh also a vampire!


Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt were once least for the length of an interview

and there were vampire children...see below

and then
 another Lestat

who is now been dating Charlize Theron for like centuries! 

Okay enough randomness 

Random Rob Rawrness!

Julz (Queen of Randomness)

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  1. i must find these harry potter trojan condoms. hahahaha!!

    harry potter night was fun. :D