Friday, July 24, 2009

Still Miserable and IT'S FRIDAY

Dear Doc: I realize that you are busy and everyone is getting sick, but I'm hurting here, you gotta help me out a little bit.
Dear Kelley: I hate that this is your last day before this
and I am sick and can't spend the whole day with you. I'm having to fit you in around my Dr's schedule! That sucks.
Oh and I'm sorry for waking you up at like 8:30AM.

This is funny Randomness
Dear KStew: girl I know that hair is for a movie but you should have done something with it at comic con. Does no one like wear normal clothes at comic con.
Dear Kstew 2: Enough with the skechers already, k? I mean that is all you wear, why not a nice ballet flat or even like I dunno, SANDALS! Would it kill you to be a little LESS tomboyish
Dear RPattz: You are forgiven for your bad comic con wardrobe choices considering that you were on a cross-country flight the night before. How does it feel to go from one town of constantly screaming girls to another town of constantly screaming girls? Sucks huh? Well, that's how you make the big bucks

Dear TLau: You impress me, you are always cool headed, and classy no matter what you wear and you make all your cast mates, or not all but some (KSTEW and RPATTZ) look like crap when you're around. When do you turn 18. That's what is so have more class at 17 then they do in their late teens or early 20s

Rob's reaction when he met Paris Hilton

Hi Ya! I think you both have a lot to learn from Mr. Miyagi, you sure ain't no Karate Kid!

Ummm..Rob, are you trying to take over Waylon's role as Butt-crack Santa?
oh and btw, you have to work your back out as well as do like a million crunches! Lay off the coke and switch to diet...
For example see co-star Kellan Lutz!

Little tiny hair tip...the more you put your fingers through it the greasier it gets...that's like hair 101 come on Rob get a new fidget or nervous tick. Kthanxbye
Or maybe this is just how you pose. If so, call up Tyra Banks and ask her advice on posing she would say OH HELL NO! to this worked for Joey Tribiani on FRIENDS, but you can do better than that...srsly!

Dear Rob: plaid ain't rad

Aren't you getting paid more than minimum wage? Do the world a favor and sell that shirt on e-bay or just goodwill it..I mean are a movie star now...old ratty holes in them t-shirts ain't gonna cut it no more...just sayin'

Dear Rob: there are other colors besides blue, just sayin'
Hey Rob, there is something called a BELT look into it...kthanxbye

My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!

Rob, I'd like to introduce you to something called a zipper
I know you never wear zipper jeans and are almost always sporting the button-fly
It's okay though maybe if you put down the ciggy and concentrated you might be able to figure out a zipper! Just sayin!

Is this to shield you from the crazy fan girls or the rain?

Look both ways Rob we don't want a repeat of your Taxi "incident"
This is the NYC they don't care who you are they gotta get there on time.

Dear My Throat and Ears: stop hurting immediately or I will cut you! It couldn't hurt any worse than now

Hello there handsome! I hope your movie does well! I hope it's good.
btw for those of you who don't know

Gerard's new film The Ugly Truth is out today!

funny rumor/story: heard that after Katherine Heigl or whatever her name is would go for a smoke break, she would come back stinking so bad that Gerard couldn't get near her. Was she smoking "special" ciggys?
That's just gross! That's a sign you need to kick the habit I would think.

Yeah, not so hot, that ciggy on a girl!
Only hot British men can pull that look off!

Sorry Katherine, it's true smoking is groddy!

K lemme complain for a minute about how stupid the South is:
About a year ago a bill went to the city council in Nashville to allow wine to be sold in Grocery stores...


Then, about 6 months ago the metro council voted on a law that said you could bring guns into bars


How in the hell is wine in a grocery store dangerous, but guns in a bar aren't

Stupid one has any sense down here except for me and a precious few others!

Dear Modern Medicine: you suck! You say I don't have strep then why do I have all the symptoms..dumbasses whatever *rolls eyes*

Yay new, gossip and treats came in the mail today in the form of OK magazine and People Magazine.


let's explore them shall we? WE SHALL!

Gerard Butler is super fine!

If you want proof rent 300 kthanxbye!

People Magazine 5 Questions for Gerard Butler

Okay this to follow is going to be mostly direct quotes from People Magazine..don't want to commit any copyright offenses...

What's Gerard Butler's take on being considered a sex symbol?

let me say (anything in italics is me) this guy could make a brick wall laugh!

"I think that officially I'll say I find it hysterical. But SECRETLY I crave it," says the actor, 39. "I want to be loved by everybody"

Mission Accomplished at least for 50 percent of the world's know the ones with the XX chromosome!

1.) You're currently shooting The Bounty Hunter with Jennifer Aniston. What's up with these dating rumors?
Gerard: That is just annoying. If it was truthful that would be fine. But the point is, it's not. People say I'm always dating so-and-so, and sometimes it's three people in one day!
2.) What's on your nightstand?
It's probably really boring: (not to me) my alarm clock, scented candles and some incense. And Ambien too!
OH my god just imagining him in any bed makes me hot!

3.) What's your worst habit?
My late-night pigging out binges. I went to my fridge the other day and was so angry there was no bread. I called my assisstant and said, "What happened to my bread?" She said, "Your trainer told me to take it!"
omg, he eats carbs at night, I officially adore him! I do that too! and my trainer told my parents to take it away too! OMG! we are soul-mates!
Call me Gerry!

4.) Window seat or aisle on an airplane?
Always window because I like to sleep on the plane. But I usually leave a little bit of drool! And I just discovered those pillows for your neck- it changed my life.
OMG! I like the window too although I am thinking he prolly flies first class, yeah I'm willing to bet some bones on that!

5.)What's something people wouldn't know about you?
In my day I was a heck of a badminton and volleyball player. Soccer too.
umm...when it comes to soccer
Volleyball: check
Badminton: ummm check sorta

Umm..I love you Gerard...will you be mine? I'll move to Scotland and maybe even where one of those kilt thingies!

Bradley Cooper, most recently of The Hangover fame went on a weeklong visit to see the soldiers with the USO.
See here he is on what looks like a bus talking to some soldiers! Ain't he sweet

and in other news...

Jessica Simpson broke up with whatever dude she was dating...don't care

Brad Pitt is spending all their money..blah blah! again WHO CARES!

Emma Watson of Harry Potter is dating some banker before she goes to the US to attend Brown University
Good...maybe she will learn...this guy is ugly!
Did his face get squished by a car like in Twilight? He's all weird! Umm...this is no accidental sexiness at all...

Oh and Ashley Olsen may or may not be engaged...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

and then there is more crap that no one really cares about...

The End for today I think I've RAMBLED long enough!

Love you,

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  1. You are SO sarcastic and snarky! I love it when you do it! Hope you feel better soon!