Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday Truths!

Dear Kellebelle: Where are you? Where have you been?

Dear Stephanie: didn't see a comment on my blog about my Eclipse? READ READ READ! I will need it back soon.

This morning I had a little bit of drama on Facebook and hurt one of my very dearest friends....That sucked!

She luckily forgave me very quickly. I learned my lesson!

Anyhoo, let's get over that!

Now, for the issues!

Okay, so this girl is out of Eclipse:

and this one is in:
Bryce Dallas Howard, daughter of Ron Howard

Okay this is a controversial topic so, just know this is my opinion:

Dear Rachelle:
Girl, I loved you as Victoria. I have nothing against you. But, um, what the hell were you thinking? Hello this is possibly one of the biggest grossing films of all time, possibly, and you would even dare to mess with that with a small independent film.
Who cares if it's just 10 days. Eclipse is infinitely more important. Duh!

Come on girl! Get a clue! You should have thought ahead on that one just a little ya think?

Dear Bryce: from what I can tell, you are a good actress, you have red hair, you'll do.

Dear all of those who are extremely pissed about this: I am a Public Relations major, if I had wanted to enter my chosen major as a career I would be on Summit's side. That's why I'm not doing PR.
Anyhoo, here is my EXPERT advice.

Get over it! There is nothing you can do about it. Trust me, the only thing that changes a big corporation's mind is MONEY!

Unless, you are going to boycott New Moon and Eclipse and hurt Summit financially and can get other Twi-hards on the bandwagon, a lot of other Twi-hards, you are wasting your breathe and time. They did what they did. It's done. Movie shooting goes on. Sorry Rachelle shouldn't have scheduled anything that conflicted. Rob and Kristen knew this and they are hella busy. I mean come on girl! Let's think, what's more important?

Okay now on to something non-Twilight:

This guy is an a-hole, don't dump anyone the day b4, on, or after their BIRTHDAY!

Tony Romo, you are an asshole! I don't care if she gave you an ultimatum or not. You had no right to dump Jessica Simpson, who you "supposedly" loved the DAY BEFORE HER BIRTHDAY!!!!

Can you say there is a time and a place and that wasn't it.

I hope the Titans beat the crap out of the Cowboys this year and I hope they sack you in every play! You would deserve it!

Sorry Jess, you sure can pick 'em. You should have held on to Nick for dear life.
Poor girl! I hope you find happiness one day. Quick note, don't go out with a-holes, apparently the ones you like are not good, go against type.

K, this is random? Hello, who do you think this is?
This is Adrien Monk, super sleuth, super freak, funny!

He is played by Tony Shalhoub, who used to play Antonio on this long lost show:
which starred this guy:

Tim Daly, currently of Private Practice

and this guy:
Steven Weber: whom I loved as Brian Hackett

Dear Steven Weber: Where have you been lately, you are lost somewhere in guest star and tv movie hell. Follow Tim's lead, get you a show!

Know what else I love?
This show is awesome. There are all these spy "tips," in the show, wonder if they would really work, maybe we SHOULD TRY THIS AT HOME!

I know what I wanna try at my home, to know..
Okay, he recently got a DUI, umm, you are a super spy, or you play one on TV and you couldn't get out of a DUI? WTF?

I also love this show:
Dear Kyra Sedgwick: You are awesomespice! Love ya! They better not cancel this show! I am so SERIOUS!

Oh btw, this show is on right now during summer and is awesome, guess who has a recurring role as a scary criminal who they can't catch?

and we are back to Twilight! How does that always happen?
Dunno, it's awesome though.
Gah! He creeps me out on that show. He's a good actor. I believe him as this scary serial rapist guy, and Charlie "goodie two shoes" Swan.
High five Billy!

you know what other show Billy guest starred on?
Where the hell did this show go? Can't find news that it's cancelled, but haven't seen any new episodes or any ads. I'm confused.

It just disappeared. Eerie

Okay well, with that question out there I will leave my ramblings for today.

Queen of Randomness

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  1. Have I ever told you that your blogs are awesome?? I agree with alot of what you said...but then we've discussed that already.

    Still don't like Bryce Dallas Howard though...the fact that Jackson Rathbone has a crush on her may or may not have something to do with that!! Lol