Saturday, July 4, 2009

With every Loss We Learn How Precious Life really is...

This blog is called my ramblings. It's supposed to be stupid and funny and hopefully sometimes witty! Today I just can't do that...Steve McNair was one of Nashville's most beloved celebrities and we will miss him!
He played for our very treasured Tennessee Titans! How he died sucks and that he died sucks!
Vin Diesel said on Twitter, "It's a bad day to be a celebrity, so many losses." No kidding. I have to say...Michael Jackson hasn't gotten this much press since Thriller was released...dying was the best thing he did for his career. Why does it take a tragedy to get people to pay attention? People suck!

Dear Michael Jackson: You meant a lot to millions of fans around the world. Believe me when I say, you will be missed!

Dear Steve McNair: I don't know what happened to you, but all I can say is Sorry! We love our Titans and you were a great one, truly a Titan of a man!

Dear Celebrities of all calibers: I hope this doesn't sound insensitive, but, quit DYING, why have so many of you died in the past few weeks. You guys are dropping like flies! Stop it!

There is only so many deaths a person can take before a complete meltdown and we have more than met our quota in the past two months.

I say no more celebrity deaths for a long, long time....kthanxbye!

Dear Kelley: Today has taught me a lot, it has taught me that life is short and the people that you love are the people you see everyday! I love you and I will miss you when you go to London and I am so thankful that we reconnected!

On a lighter note! Holy Crap this pic is hot! I am so glad for Twitter

Dear Twitter: You are awesome, every time I find someone who is not a member I think poor them. I was one of the first to know about Steve McNair because of you and you kept me sane in Europe. Thanks

Dear Garage Door: You bes FUBARed! I sorry didn't mean to back into you all those times

Dear Emily, Spiff, Shelley, Holly, Jason, Allison: You guys made my 4th fun! Thanks for that! You rock! Come visit more often! Come visit when Kelley goes to London...shhhh you don't have to tell her!

Dear Pocket Edward, Pocket Ray Bans Edward, Pocket Bella, Prom Angel, and Prom Buffy: You bes the bees knees...thanks for making life so fun! Who cares if I'm 28 and I play with dolls.

Dear Mom and Dad: I love you and I know you love me, but please trust me to have a teeny bit of common sense to know not to go out in a severe thunderstorm...I'm not stupid. Though thank you for caring!

Dear America: You have your problems, your struggles, and some reasons for sucking, but you are still the best country in the world! Happy Birthday America!

James Dean, I love you! The End.

Okay more Europe pics:

Hey guess what this is the hall at Oxford that they modeled the dining hall in HARRY POTTER after!

yay! Googled Harry Potter dining hall and got better quality pics of the same pictures as the one I took above! True Story!

Oxford University outside of one of the buildings....whatever! All look the same to me!

K lemme tell you a little story!

If you bes one of those smartie pants people, they will invite you to come to eat and live at the school on the purpose that they think great minds being around each other will automatically come up with amazing ideas

They pay you to go get invited and you don't have to study just be there! WTF?

You have to be invited, it's a big deal!


True Story!
The End.

How much you wanna bet that Edward Cullen and Carlisle got invites? Just sayin'

That's all!

Hot man moment

This is Jensen Ackles...dude...would those be Ray Bans??????

Jensen Ray Bans meet Rob Ray Bans!

Just Kidding!

The end for today!

Happy Birthday America and RIP to all those who have died recently...srsly stop it!

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  1. Julie,
    Glad you had a fun 4th!! You made mine fun, too!! We will have to hang out again soon! BTW, I had the nail glue because I am too poor to go get my nails done, so I by the gue one ones that are $5!!!HAHA!! Hugs girl!! Hope you have a good day!