Friday, July 10, 2009

Random Ramblings..duh it's the name of my blog!

I hate the following so much I could spit:

1.) crazy fan girls!
K, I think that this is why stars make themselves so unavailable.

The girl trying to take his picture maybe isn't so bad, except for her Twilight bag with Rob's face on the front. As obsessed as I am with Rob Pattinson and all things that surround him, I would never let that show if I was to actually meet him.

I will not buy a shirt with his face on it. I don't think it's right to do all that. It's something 13 year olds do. I do have a shirt however that says Forks High School on it. That way I re present, but only fellow Twi-hards would know what Forks High School's signifigance is.

The one who hugged him around the neck and had to be yanked off him by two security guards...that's crazy bitchness and I hate it. She is an idiot and should be put in idiot jail.

Rob walks around with security guards so careful and "secret service like" that he has to have ones with little earpieces that say "Rob, is on the move, repeat Rob is on the move." That is freaking ridiculous! The man should be able to walk down the street and not have to jump into the street and get nicked by a cab in order to escape crazy fan girls.

I am not a crazy fan girl! I do not scream in the presence of stars. Now, I am not going to say that if Rob Pattinson was somewhere I was that I wouldn't secretly go in the bathroom and start stifling screams and dancing a jig, but the point is I would never let him see that!

I live in Nashville, Tennessee, which I sometimes refer to as Lil Hollywood. We have many stars that live here. I have many stories of star sightings. I am not the girl who asks for an autograph, unless the time is right. I don't interrupt someone during dinner for a picture and an autograph. That is simply rude and I refuse to do it!
The people are trying to eat here, there is no need to interrupt their meal so you can have them sign a Cracker Barrell napkin...

Now let me make something clear...asking for pics and autographs has a right time and place. It also has a right way to behave.

Here's a little story: About two years ago on New Years Eve I saw Gretchen Wilson, she's a country star here, you might not know her.

Here's what happened:

Me: Hi, Gretchen, I'm a fan, just wanted to know if I could snap a quick picture with you?
Gretchen: you know I've been doing pictures and autographs all night at a previous party, I just want to have a drink with my buddies here before last call (yes, we were at a bar)
Me: I completely understand you are probably blind from all the flashes, but it was nice to meet you.
I started to walk away, in no way mad or upset. I completely understood.

So about a minute or two later, a friend in her I guess you would call it "posse" said hey do you still want that picture?

Me: of course, but not if it's going to bother her

Man: you seem cool she asked me to ask you. I was like great thanks. Here is my camera it's on an ready to go just click the button until it flashes

Gretchen: Sorry I said no earlier I'm just exhausted.

Me: No big deal I completely understand.

we quickly pose he snaps the picture and then I leave her and her friends be although they offer to buy me a beer. I was very flattered but said no thank you, I was driving. They said I was smart. Then I left saying thank you.
The End. (me before my 50 pound weight loss) and Gretchen

the point:

-because i was calm and collected when approaching her
-because when she said no, I did not push
-because I walked away when she said no

She changed her mind. See there was no squealing, no craziness just a fan who wanted a quick picture.

here's anothe little story: Nashville is full of stars that most of the time no one even notices. We do not chase them down at airports and we do not bother them when they are obviously in a hurry.

Here's another little story:

June 29th, 2009
Me: having literally gotten off a long nine hour flight from Rome and then flown for an hour and a half from Washington D.C. to Nashville. I looked like crap.

the plane is so small that it cannot even pull up to one of the boarding hallway thingies. It had stairs that you exited, then walked a little bit and went up more stairs to one of those airplane hallway things.

Well as I step up the last step into the hallway thing, there stood Keith Urban
He had his guitar strapped to his back (carry-on I'm positive) and I just got a short glance at him. I recognized him right away.
For those of you who don't know who he is here's a picture:
You know what I did? Walked right past him to baggage claim and didn't give it another thought. WELCOME TO NASHVILLE. You may see a star anywhere there is no telling.

Do you know why we have so many stars living here? It's partly because it is Music City, the home of country music and the Grand Ole Opry, but you know why else?
We leave our celebrities the hell alone. You might see Nicole Kidman walking the hallowed grounds of our fair city, but we Nashvillians leave her be. As much as we might be tempted, unless the time is right we do not bother her or any other celeb.

Here's a for instance: I love Brad Paisley of country music fame:

The other day my parents were eating (something they do all the time) at a well-known Nashville eatery, appropriately known as Noshville Deli in an affluent part of town called Green Hills. As my Dad and Mother were walking to their car out jumped Brad from a black SUV. Don't know the deets. Don't know if he was driving or if he had his wife with him. Mostly because, my parents are the most unobservant people in the world.

They did not approach him and daughter loves you can I have an autograph, they got in the car and left.


2.) Sienna Miller

I think this girl is the biggest skank...she's on my one way rocket to the moon!
Any girl who would date a married man with kids who was prior to her whore butt happy with his wife and family (Balthazar Getty) deserves to be on my rocket! Anyone who loves her and disagrees well we will just have to agree to disagree!
Two things I love a lot:

Twilight Gossip them! I know they are mostly bogus, but who cares! Fun to read!Two thing I love combined. I love me some Entertainment Weekly. I think it's like the best magazine on Earth you should subscribe!

The other thing: All things Harry Potter. Love me some Rupert, Emma, and Daniel

Sorry my nasty foot is in the picture I had to cover up my private information, you know like my me some Potter and thank god it's back. Can't wait till Wednesday night at midnight! I will be there with Gryffindor on!
#2 thing I hate with a burning passion

Any character played by Sasha Baron Cohen...Bruno and Borat Yuck Gag me!

Hated Bruno at the MTV awards hate him in general! He sucks!

#3 thing I hate with a burning passion

Cancelled TV shows: Can you say Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles...left with a cliffhanger what the effspice?

Universal Truth #4: The minute you start liking any TV show it will be cancelled. The ones you don't understand however will continue forever (Lost) hello!

#4 Thing I hate with a burning passion

the traffic light a block from my house that takes literally 5 minutes to change.

I hate you!

#5 thing I hate with a burning passion

bad parenting really pisses me kid should be running around a restaurant while people are TRYING to e your kid is not cute when he's out of control and no I don't want to see him pretend he can take my order get control of him now!

#6 thing I hate with a burning passion

the weather here sucks! they will be like it's 86 outside but with the humidity it feels like 100 I'm like what! HOLY CRAP!

help i can't get the text to not be bold!

#7 thing I hate

Blogger: can't get it to un-bold and it takes forever to get it to upload a freaking picture!

see below:
okay here's my Pocket Edward, getting very impatient for his Europe pics to upload...dude it's taking forever....geez

okay I don't hate this.. Pocket Edward is balking at how inappropriate my twitter jail background account is...Kellan just about naked = yummy to me shush Edward you are too old fashioned and your clothes don't even come off :P

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