Friday, July 3, 2009

The Adventures of Ray Bans Pocket Edward and the Whole Pocket Army! Oh and Me

Okay KIDDIES, lemme tell you a little story....about a man named wait wrong song!

Woke up today too late to get my workout in....that sucked!

Got ready thought I was looking pretty cute...

So I walked to my car....opened my garage door it's one of those automatic ones...right?

Okay it went up...saw the mailman down the street...he's rude!

Then no matter what I did...couldn't get my garage door to go down.

Dear Garage Door: I know we've had our differences...(I've hit you backing out a time or 4) but why do you pick today of all days to stop working...good lord!

That's not all!

Today has been severely like the song Ironic by Alanis Morissette

so go to get gas...when I've lost my gas card among others! My Regal Crown Club card is missing...anyhoo....

So I went to get gas:

Put me trusty ole credit card in the pump card swipey thingie and what does it tell me!


I was like excuse me Mr. Gas pump, but you must be smoking some "special cigarettes." My cards do not get declined!

K, let me rewind a little bit...June 5, 2009...

JULIE, calls's how it goes:

Me: Hi, I was calling to let you know that I am going to be overseas for two weeks from June 15th through June 29th and I would like you to make a note so you will not think it is someone else using it.
Bank:'am ( I hate being called this with a passion I envision depends and a cane) would you mind c
alling back about 7 days prior to when you leave and telling us again....

AGAIN!!!! NO!!!!

Me: I'm telling you now, why does it have to be exactly 7 days?
Bank: Cause
we said so! (Not really what they said, but it was something that said that but more tactfully...

Me: Okay well thanks for nothing ( no, I was really polite, as always)

----well I got really busy in the days before my trip you know there's like packing...making sure everything is in the correct sized bags...I will address that crap later...forgot to call back....

Go to Mom get's a stomach bug of some kind in Paris and I "rented" a pre-pay cell phone well...the bank put a FRAUD flag on my card...getting declined at the gas station is not embarrassing or anything! Damn banks!

So then, @kellebelle1981 is waiting on me at the Opry Mills mall, that place is a mess...more on that later...anyhoo...had to go to the parental unit's house...borrow credit card for gas from my Mommy...

Me: hello, Suntrust, why is my card being declined?
Bank: *elevator music*

Me: geez how long am I going to have to hold! Grrr....
Bank: *elevator mus

Me: about to hang up...when

Bank: Hello, this is the fraud department how can we assisst you...
Me: Here is my card number *proceeds to read all those numbers*

Bank: We show a charge for a cell phone in France...
Me: yes, i calle
d ahead of time to tell you that I would be there....
Bank: When are you
getting home?

Me: I am already home

Bank: okay it's fixed thank you for letting us know!
Me: Umm..yeah thanks...

Already been embarrassed at the local Exxon...thanks a freaking lot *facepalm*


Me: stupid bank gawld!

So I finally get to the mess that is Opry Mills a good 30 minutes away from where I live in Nashv
ille, but still in Nashville...all of you from big cities can relate...

We go to Hot Topic..I buy a hoodie with the Gryffindor House on it.. Me and Kelley will make sure not to wear the same thing at the same time... we can't wait for this

Kellebelle in her Griffindor jacket, like I currently (as of today) own too. Standing next to the poster of the movie we've been waiting 3 years for!

Dear Harry Potter: hurry up and get here already! geez..haven't we waited long enough?

K, so I bought Pocket Ray Bans Edward and Bella...cause she comes with the package...

One of my friedsies opens the plastic box....Pocket Ray Bans Edward's head goes flying across room! WTF? I was like ummm...what?

Luckily we had nail glue...umm dunno why?

K so we glue his head back on...then....duh duh duh


Holy crap! Edward has no legs!!!! No freaking legs! I was trying to show off his flexibility and then, his legs mysteriously detached from his body. He begged me to put them back!

Forrest Gump Moment: "But you ain't got no legs Pocket Edward!"

Well all's well that ends well...we put his legs back on and so far they have far...srsly? What else could go wrong? Oh god! Famous last words...pray for me!

Here are some pictures from Europe:

Speaking of heads coming off....This folks is the place where all the heads rolled...
The Infamous Tower of London...only:


It's a castle! Some of the kings lived there and used it as a fortress until good Ole Henry the eighth decided he didn't like his second, fourth, and fifth know...heads gone and stuff!

More tower stuff...people were talking...and know touring...that's what these things called "tourists" does

More tower...going in I think...dunno all looks the same to me...

Random thought: My cats bes crazy they need a kitty counselor anyone know one?

and more's a big place...hello did I not mention fortress!!!! Just sayin' wake up and pay attention dammit!

time for our hot guy moment...kinda obsessing lately over the hotness that bes Johnny Depp

When you walked through the door it was clear to me, you're the one they adore who they came to see.
You're a ROCKSTAR everybody wants you, player who could really blame you, we're the ones who made you.

Okay, that was the chorus of the new Eminem song We Made You that is creeping up the charts right now...the reason this song is under Johnny hotnesses pic is because ever since I saw him first walk into one bank in Public Enemies all I can say is the man's a ROCKSTAR in every metaphorical sense of that word....dude no kidding...

He's a ROCKSTAR! YOU'RE THE ONE THEY ADORE WHO THEY CAME TO SEE...yup went to see that movie because of he who is so hot above!

That's all for today...long post...more pocket friends to come...

Dear Kelley: sorry for getting aforementioned song stuck in your sneezing head...could be worse...could be the picture of Rob DeFranco dancing to Single Ladies...scary!


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