Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MJ, Steve, Farrah, Not a Dress Rehearsal

Dear Michael Jackson: you will be missed! You left behind you three children that will never forget you. Maybe one day your children will be musicians like you.

Dear Everyone: Live life to the fullest, it is not a dress rehearsal, as we have learned all to well in the past few weeks!

You will be missed
We will not forget!

Dear Grocery Store: I hate you, you annoy me! I need a husband or boyfriend who can cook

Where is my Edward Cullen? Who am I someone's Bella to?

More Europe Pictures

My Future Husband....

True Story! Invites to be sent soon!


So, my mom wasn't feeling well, right.

Me:  dammit I'm in Paris, I'm gonna go see some stuff

So, after finding a hotel worker that spoke fluent English or at least well enough for me to understand.  They told me to cross the street and walk 8 blocks.  Down Rue de Bac.  I thought they were crazy, then after a few blocks I saw this:

I know right? Gorgeous!

This ladies and gents is one side of the Louvre Museum, most famously depicted in this:

The Davinci Code

see if you recognize it...in this picture
See the pyramid thingie...that's the entrance! and yes I took this picture!

A little farther away, but look how pretty the bushes are even they are art!

this is a cool arch, you see the Louvre behind it? It's not the Arc de Triomphe or whatever it's just another arch
Because you know, the French never borrow ideas....
Hello....the revolution...umm...we in the USA invented that...your welcome!

This is ALSO the Louvre

Did I mention it's really freaking big?

This is still the Louvre....big


did I mention big?

but there is one more thing you need to know about the Louvre!

Pocket Edward explained some of the art to me...blah blah blah...

me=not art person

Edward really liked these cause they were pocket sized like him..
He's knocking on the glass....don't know why, he just is

PE has a little bit of a fascination with glass boxes..I think it reminds him of when he was encased in plastic...those memories scare the crap out of him!

Dear Garage Door Uppie/downie thingie: yay you appeared to my neighbor Michael and he gave you back to me! That wasp didn't get you after all!

Dear Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Joss Whedon is a freakin genious! U bes awesomespice!

umm....hi...do you know who this is? If you don't you may be a little bit "special."

It's only the most important and famous painting, like, ever!

Did I mention there are like 3847384785894838848 people in Paris..this is just one staircase in the Louvre

There were so many freakin people EVERYWHERE!

Oh yeah and this is the Venus De Milo, u know famous armless chick?

this skank biatch is on my one way rocket to the moon, god I hate her! 

I'm sick of dealing with blogger....I'm out for today...enjoy! ooh go to http://pocketedwardgoestoeurope.blogspot.com

go see! Funny Little guy loved france

Oh I almost forgot! Blasphemy!

Looky loo what me found! So cute!

It's Robbie Pattinson as a little boy! Yes, he really is that blonde!  So cute!

From cute little soldier....to smokin hot man! Whoda thunk?  well, now we know and we are damn thankful!

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