Monday, July 6, 2009

More Europe Pics and Stuff Like That! You Know Monday Blues!


Monday sucks!

Here is something pretty to cheer you up!
His "get over here now" likey!

He's even wearing blue because he has the Monday blues!

Dear Nashville: the weather was perfect today, although the humidity was still high, keep it up!
Dear My headache that won't go away: go away, you have been with me since I woke up this
Dear Vatican Post Office: You bes slow. I got back from Rome over a week ago and sent those post cards like last Thursday before that!
Better late than never I guess! yay!

Dear Wasps that stung me yesterday: die you mean bitches! I killed you with WD-40 kthanxbye!

Dear Garage Door: thank god you are fixed! now where did my uppie downie remote thingie go? I had to borrow my Mom's. Where are you?

More Europe Pics

an arch the English copied from the Arc de Triomphe..those Europeans don't have a truly original idea at all!
K now for some Fun!!!!!

Guess what I did! I Went to Madame Tussaud's in London and got as close to some celebs as I am ever going to get, see below:

Me and Drew Barrymore we bes BFF's, sup girl!

Those Pap's why can't they just leave us alone? I mean I know I'm popular but this is getting ridiculous.

go away Paparazzi bitches! Me and Drew are trying to have a conversation!

Okay, like you guys pissed off my new boyfriend Johnny! He is rolling his eyes at all this non-private time. He just wants to be alone with me, can you blame him? like my Daddy, I don't want a new one! Even a George Clooney step-dad. I want my Dad! kthanxbye!

Hey Leo, I know I dumped you for Johnny but you could at least look at me! I mean you started dating that model chick after me...hello!

This is my boyfriend Johnny's best friend from Pirates of the Carribean you know Orlando Bloom right? I was obviously looking at the wrong camera.

Hey Tommy boy, how you been...haven't seen you since we dated after you shot Top Gun (I dumped him cause I found out how tall he really is) Yes, I get around with my celeb men...Don't Judge!

I know you still like me, but dude you are a dad now and MARRIED I might add. Nice tan, have you been on vacation?

Julie and Julia...we were BFF's before there was a movie using our names. I've known my homegirl Julia since Pretty Woman. She's the coolest!
I have a bad habit of looking at the wrong camera. Julia's good at that she's had a lot of practice.

Always take more than one picture...Julia taught me that...she's a good friend.

Back off Angie! Brad is mine! Oh and you can keep the 3746467557467576867 kids you've adopted we (Brad and I) will have plenty of our own!

See Justin grew up in Tennessee like me. We had a long distance thing going on back in high school. We are friends though, although Jessica Biel keeps such a close watch on him I haven't talked to him in a while.

John Travolta and Sammy L., bought me a drink. I felt ridiculously underdressed I did not know there was going to be a party in my honor.

Okay, everyone who knows me at all, knows that I do not like Zac Efron, he is on my one way, no return trip to the Moon, but he was there in his High School Musical basketball uniform, why not at least take a picture? At least his hair isn't so bad in this pic.

Okay, I don't hang out with Madonna a lot because she's kinda crass...I mean look how she is sitting...not very lady like Ms. M
For shame!
You have children at home!

Will made me laugh so hard, my stomach started hurting. He's one funny dude! I didn't touch him cause I was afraid of Jada's revenge!

Daniel Radcliffe showed up at my party too! I asked him how filming on the last Harry Potter movie is going and if he would be doing any more plays.
I wanted to ask if there would be any nude scenes in any of aforementioned shows...but of course I didn't.
He's kinda short, never realized that

Susan Sarandon you ain't got nothin on my Mom! Although, you are a little taller than my Mom but you were wearing heels and she was wearing tennis shoes.

There were many more stars there, more pics another time. This post is getting really long.

Dear Readers: I hope you enjoyed this blog, it took me forever to do


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