Wednesday, July 29, 2009

60th Post Guess I Ramble a Lot, Hump Day Ramblings

Hey peeps, sup?

I just wrote a novel through Facebook to @kellebelle1981

Whenever, it feels like I have nothing to say something like that happens.


Today is Wednesday, the forecast said, Thunderstorms...and I'm about to go blind from the sun!

Dear Mr. Weatherman: Is there even any science to what you do, or do you just kinda guess....I mean srsly!

Dear Cleaning Fairy: Do you think you could stop by and maybe change the cat litter for me every now and then that would be awesome kthanxbye!
P.S. I won't hold my breathe

Dear Jennifer Aniston: I can only pray that I look as good as you at 40, heck I can pray I look as good as you anytime! You are beautiful, classy, and cool. You need a good man! A man who will have your babies!
Dude I'm not gay or anything but she is hot! What is wrong with John Mayer?? Just sayin?

They say now she is dating this man:
Gerard Butler is hotspice! Go Jen! Beware though, he's known as quite the record..he gets around whoop whoop!! Be careful but who cares hotness!

They are shooting a Rom-com together that because she doesn't like chick flicks Kelley may never see it.

Dear Lady Gaga: Get on my rocket to the moon, no return trip you bug me, the only song I like you did was Disco Stick for obvious reasons to anyone who knows me from Twitter or reads this blog.
Can anyone say PLASTIC SURGERY?
underneath all the makeup and costumes..hides Lassie woof!
but I will give you this, you are in good shape.

Dear Katy Perry: Unlike Lady Gag Me, I like you! Your song Ur so Gay is hilarious!

Hey girl, you have your moments when we laugh at you, but you bes coolspice!

Wanna see who else I hate!

Borat sucks!
and I so hate this guy worse:
You and Lady Gaga meet up...and my rocket leaves immediately!

K, so got a message from @Kellebelle1981
she saw this man in person:

This ladies is Dougray Scott from Ever After and Mission Impossible 2.
Kelley didn't even must have been pointed out to her. Dude the only thing close to a celebrity I saw was a big crowd around aforementioned Bruno!!!! Yuck!
How did she get so lucky he lives in SCOTLAND! WTH?
All I have to say fair! :P

Kelley hasn't found Rob Pattinson yet or her future husband. I told her that if she does find RPattz and he agrees to marry her then she can stay. I told her if that happens to send me an invite and I'll be there for the wedding...

Dear Michael Jackson: I'm sorry that you died, you were truly a genius. They say though there is a very fine line between, genius and crazy. I was just listening to Billy Jean and umm..that illegitimate child...he may be your son...just sayin'. Billy Jean could be right.

Dear Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood:
I like you. I like your show. I think you two are cute together and I dig it. I watch it religiously. It may not be like completely "true life" and may be a little scripted....don't care! Fun!

Tori reminds me a little bit of me and Dean is so sweet and considerate of her and her feelings, but he's still a MAN. Not, to mention, those kids have to be the cutest babies ever, especially that little girl!

Wedding day picture I think, coolspice!
and Dean it really is stupid to race motorcycles I understand what Tori is saying...she's right...find another hobby.

Kelley saw this guy on British TV she thinks should go on the Man meat blog, we may do it or not I'll put his pic here:

Matthew Marsden, meet ramblings of Julz blog:
Ramblings of Julz blog meet Matthew Marsden:

Dear Matthew Perry: I want a guy with your hilarious humor with this guy's face and body,


I love my cat, but she and my laptop cannot be in my lap at the same time. I feel horrible for pushing her out, but I can't do anything about it.

Now for some Pocket Edward fun!

Here is PE sitting on my laptop while I Tweet...he does that a lot...
Then I logged into my Itunes and started playing some songs and
Walk like an Egyptian came on....hehe so PE knew the dance he started doing it.

K, so umm, Pocket Ray Bans Edward had been through and ordeal, this was the only way he could stand up. The PE and PB just stood there, poor guy can't catch a break not even from Pocket Bella

After some recovery time, Pocket Bella and Pocket RB's Eddie made up! sweet


Get a room! Srsly Stop it!

The end.

Love you,
Julz (Queen of Randomness)


  1. :O DOLL PORN!!

    Lol I don't much like Borat or Bruno either...but Ali G is AWESOME!!

    And if Lady Gaga wasn't following me on Twitter I would so totally bag the hell outta her on there lol

    Btw...I tried following you again, even though I already was...I think twitter's have another breakdown!

  2. LOL OMG PE RBPE so need to get a room! LOL i cracked up so hard! :P

    lady gaga sucks seriously!