Thursday, July 2, 2009

Europe Part 3: Last of England and 1st of France

Notice no horse poop they have special scooper's a crappy job...literally and figuratively! Whatever, I guess some one has to do it.
Even wierder guys on horseback with even wierder I said Brits are wierd! 
March, March, march....we look stupid in our big English hats...playing Long Live the Queen!
Like I said...boring!
The changing of the guard...really freaking boring! Tons of people, dudes in ugly hats marching in front of you playing INSTRUMENTS not holding guns.  BORING... also since 9/11 they have upped security and you can't try to make the BOBBIE smile anymore cause you can't get near them they are behind the gate.
See lots of people...and this literally ain't even the third of it....
Golden Gates in front of the palace that no one lives in...stupid...notice the cars on the WRONG side of the road...wierdo British people and their tiny cars. :P
A "Bobbie" in his house behind the gates of Buckingham Palace...yeah the uniforms have changed a little bit over the years.  They look more like dressed up cops than men in wierd not as fun!

Here is the entrance to...duh, duh, duh, duh....Buckingham Palace, the biggest castle that no one lives in, very expensive to keep up with the British people's taxes, yet no one lives there, it's hardly ever used, and is just really for show. 

Dear Kelley: You could adopt this castle to live in with your imaginary Robert Pattinson husband, I mean srsly the queen ain't using it.  Might as well be put to good use.  
I don't even know what kind of bird this is on top of this statue by this fountain.  This seems to be the favorite meeting spot for protesters on Saturdays.  They kept warning us about pick pockets, but that just distracted us more. I think the guards are on the take.

As we drew closer to the palace just in time for the "world-famous" changing of the guard, the amount of people and guards on horseback increased exponentially the closer we got.

Dear English people: For as reserved as you guys are supposed to know the "stiff upper-lip" thing, you sure do use a lot of gold decorations, that I have to admit are kinda gawdy. No offense, just sayin'
Here is me at the entrance to the gates of Buckingham Palace....with the red coat (which was totally needed by the way) It looks like I'm wearing the same outfit over and over.  I promise I'm not.  God, my hair looks horrible here...not to mention the rest of me...geez I am not photogenic...and tell that girl in the white coat to get out of my shot! 

I don't think you understand how hard it was to get even one picture alone by these gates. There were literally hundreds of people taking the exact same picture.  This picture is almost a true miracle. Srsly!

Dear Kellebelle: You are infinitely more popular than me for very good reasons...see above boring captions for above boring pBoldictures! this explains everything, like why I have 6 followers and you have 30 something...whatev...this blog is for my besties and me anyway! :P

Dear Rach:  Now that I know you read this blog I will Dear you occasionally, we'll figure out how to get you to follow when you come up here if we can't before then...luv u xoxoxoxox

Dear Johnny Depp:  You are so much hotter than the real John Dillinger, but good job playing him though...hotness

The Real John Dillinger...nothing against him but umm...Johnny Depp is so much hotter....dude

Johnny Depp as John Dillinger...hotter...told ya!

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