Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Misery thy name is Wednesday

Remember this movie?:
This is how I feel right now...Misery!

Okay, except for @kellebelle1981
I highly doubt it's possible to feel worse than I do right now!
Or yeah it is, if you are in the hospital
This is why I feel horrible:
In other words, rain in Nashville. Like I said before we live under a constant cover of clouds and rain too just like Forks, does that mean the Cullens can move here?

I can tie anything to Twilight!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer's in town apparently!

K childrens lemme tell you little story!

Don't die, wait till the end...

Once upon a time, in a world before I knew of Twilight and what all the "fuss" was about. I didn't think Rob Pattinson was very good looking

see umm..not so sexy

So I went to Borders
This one is in Chicago I think so, not this one...the one in Nashvegas

and I bought this AFTER the movie had just come out.

I got about to page, I dunno, 200 and decided I wanted to see the movie

so I went to see this

Now remember, I hadn't read the whole book yet....

So saw the movie...wasn't in love with was only okay!

Then, back in March I went to Athens, Georgia to visit my BFF Nori
and she wanted to see Twilight again...and as I still wasn't in love with it or RPattz I reluctantly agreed...

Still couldn't see what all the fuss was about...Nori thought RPattz = hotness back not

I was like I want Edward not RPattz he's dirty!

Who knew I would live to eat my words!
So, I can't pinpoint the time or place, but when all my friends started talking about Twilight and the DVD's came out and I finished all 4 books suddenly it was like

Full-blown irrevocable and unconditional obsession and it hasn't stopped since.
And it wasn't obsession with Edward and Bella it was obsession with RPattz too!

I even surpassed Nori who had previously tried to explain the appeal of Mistah Pattz
FAIL, then I saw the light!
Now, I'm buying every picture book

Every magazine

and what's worse? I even took Pocket Edward to Europe with me and he loved it!

Sometimes he likes to sit/lean on my computer although his legs get in the way of the mouse, but that is okay when stuff is uploading to Blogger which we all know takes like 10 years!

Okay enough Twilight here's some of my favorite parts of my fav movies!


Mickey and Silvia-Dirty Dancing
click here for some more fun
couldn't find one that would let me embed..sorry






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