Saturday, July 18, 2009

Quaint, Tired, and Spending Time with My Mom

My Mom and I went to the quaint little town of Franklin, TN to check out the boutiques.
Franklin is a tiny little town about 30 minutes (with traffic) outside of Nashville, TN

Before we get started: Dear Allergies: DIE, DIE, DIE or you will kill me! GRR ARGH!
According to Metro Mix magazine:

Renee Zellweger and her parents spotted shopping at Lulu's boutique in Franklin.

although she probably wasn't as made up as this. Maybe she fell in love with our city with her two minute marriage to Kenny Chesney?

Later that day,
Julianne Hough with her boyfriend Chuck Wicks shopping at the exact same store, Lulu's boutique.

Jack White trying to be incognito while sipping tasty "concoctions" at Patterson House.

That hair would make it hard to be incognito!

Niki Taylor looking good after birth of her new baby checking out groceries as Fresh Market.
you should see what I look like when I grocery shop.

See why I call Nashville, little Hollywood, you never know who you might run into.

More of my favorite things:
3.) Sleep

4.) going to the movies

5.) Truly, funny comedians

Jeff Dunham and his puppet friends are my fav

In town this week:

Loved him in Ray, and all other movies. I've never heard him do stand up. Wonder if he's funny?

Dear Most Trusted Man in America (aka Walter Cronkite):
you lived a good long life, thank you for being honest with us, that is so rare in newscasters these days, you will be missed and remembered

Dear Josh Turner:
you were voted Country's Hottest Man, I agree

random dumb blonde moment of the day,

got in the car, it's a little cloudy here, went to shops in Franklin, took off sunglasses, put sunglasses in purse, then put them back on later, went to reach for them on the top of my head, not there, I PANICKED! Holy craptastic! Then, duh feel my face and

I'M WEARING THEM on my face.....duh!

I want to see this:

4.) Candy of all kinds

Reese's Pieces especially, dude their addicting!

Gummi bears/worms

and just Chocolate in general...

5.) Really fast cars

can't list them cause i don't know names I just know my favorite movies are "car" movies like Fast and the Furious 1-4
and Gone in 60 Second

6.) Men who are good dancers:

Brenden Fraser
if you don't believe me see Blast From the Past or Mrs. Winterbourne then we can talk.

John Travolta
see Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Michael, Pulp Fiction and many others..the man can dance!

Patrick Swayze
Two words Dirty Dancing...'nough said!

That's all for today folks...these posts can get long as can ya

Here's something pretty to look at before I go

Holy crap! This is dazzling! It makes my mind go straight to the Gutter *wink wink*

Love ya,

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