Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Day of Inconveniences!

k kiddos lemme tell you a story...the story of my life...but first the story of the movie Twilight! The way I think it should have started:

Bella: I've never given much thought to how I would die, but dying in the place of someone you love seems like a good way to go.

original script: deer attacked by a edward shaped blur...
My version:

Lamb attacked by a lion: it's got symbolism and stuff!

Edward: And so the lion fell in love with the lamb
Bella: what a stupid lamb
Edward: what a sick masochistic lion

k so my Mom and I spent 2 hours or more sitting in Walgreens with their 1980s era technology to try to print out...and I'm not making this up....over 700 pictures from our trip to Europe!


my mom is not that great at technology...i took almost all the pictures....yes sirree!
She wanted like printed pics when I'm fine just having them in electronic form.

had to give you a little background on why we were sitting in Walgreens for over 2 we like get all the pics that we want chosen and then they give us back over 72 of this

Don't worry your eyes aren't playing tricks on you...they gave us back 72 black rectangles and then charged my Mother for them

To quote Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama: "Nobody, talks to my Momma that way?"
you can mess with me all you want, but you hurt someone I love and you will die!

Dear Johnny Depp:
I love you!that is all

Dear Logan-my-trainer: meh! (he would understand) for the rest of you...OW!!!!

Dear Kellebelle: you are NOT fat. i never said you were fat! I said you had a good metabolism...which makes you able to eat all the fun stuff and not gain weight



get it? got it? good!

Okay...above is like the most coolspice thing can have this put on a T-shirt!
I want one!
True Story.

Wanna see something really scary? I know you do, see below:


told ya...overweightedness and horrible hair damn london plugs! I mean electric plugs that wouldn't heat my straightening iron not hair plugs!

I'm sorry I scared you so bad!

Now guess who I met the other day?

That's right folks I met Johnny Depp, my all time fav (next to just one other man, Rpattz)


This was his wax figure at Madame Tussaud's in London

Pocket Edward was kind enough to show me the sites from the pods of the London Eye: It's kinda boring...take it from me, the only fun thing was taking PE's picture.

Here Edward is telling me something.....don't remember what...*click* picture

So, yeah, we flew all the way to France to see a pond

*crickets chirp* no really there were crickets
Okay this is me and my Mom in our twinsie jackets...what is with my hair? I look like an 80s movie reject with that hair....lamespice...sicknast...kthanxbye
This is Marie Antoinette and the like 100 kids she had...whatever...she = head chopped off like my Pocket Ray Bans Edward...he can relate

hmmmm....makes me think why do you think they cast this girl as Marie Antoinette?

Kirsten Dunst looks nothing like the actual...real life...Marie Antoinette

"Let them eat cake."

I can't eat cake or I will get fat, but Kelley can....(did I mention I hate her)
The biggest treat I get is honey nut cheerios! YUM!

Dear Remotes: stop getting lost or I will take out your batteries and sic my 5 pocket friends on you with tiny little sledge hammers.

Versailles Bitches...they knew how to do the Gold up in that palace!

Me at Versailles....same day as PE introduced me to it in previous picture.

Walking where kings and queens once walked...on unlevel cobblestones...not the best architectural design ever...have to say! My feet and knees were hurting pretty bad.
the famous "Hall of Mirrors"

Time to pull out PE and let him look

only the coolest thing ever!

Got PE out in the Hall of Mirrors and guess what!


he's a vampire...

no reflection in a whole hall of mirrors...



plunk *falls off couch, laughing*

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  1. lol queen of randomness! that was hilarious! you're funny as shit! stop acting like i'm funnier than you lol. :P