Monday, July 6, 2009

More Europe!

All I know is this would be the most awesome school to go to just by being on campus everyday you are living in history while you are studying it. This is one of the many beautiful building of Oxford University. The town around it was perfect. I wish I could go there.

Another avenue on the Oxford University campus. Bikes would be the best form of transportation here because of the beautiful weather and the gorgeous architecture.

This is a little fountain in the courtyard that never stops running. I am not sure of the significance of it but I'm sure it is important!

This is the last day we were in England, unfort
unately, the next day we got on the Eurostar and took the Chunnel to Paris

Here are some Pocket Edward Pictures from Oxford

He didn't get to come out but I got him a T-
shirt, he says he went there, he will have to prove it to me.

I told him that no shirt was small enough to
fit him but he didn't listen!

Here's what happened:

he wanted to try it on...yeah it was big ( I got it in my size..shhh don't tell him)

Help! Help! He doesn't breathe so that was good but the T-shirt overwhelmed him and he needed to be rescued...I told you PE you should listen to your human next time!

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