Friday, July 3, 2009

Yes, I'm 28 years old! Don't Judge!

yes, I will admit I play with dolls...but only certain kinds of dolls...i have a pocket Edward that went to Europe with me and now I am the proud owner of an Angel and Buffy prom edition pockets.

Yes, I am 28 shut up!

Also, I am going to beat up Kellebelle and steal her autographed picture from Peter Facinelli...I hate you! I will just mark through the Kelley part.

Found this little vid on YouTube and had to post it...just had to, it's short but funny!

Sorry that there is two...don't know how to remedy that sitch

and I saw this picture today and almost had a Heart Attack!

Saw this movie today...I'm on the fence...Love Johnny Depp...don't really like the movie how does that work?

Watching Season 4 of Buffy with @kellebelle1981 and right now it's Hush, but she has gone it Riley and Buffy's first kiss when they can't do anything else they kiss...hells yeah!

I have more pics from Europe but as I am afraid they are boring as crap...I will prolly not post them all at least for a little while.

Dunno...maybe i will..everyone says, I wanna see and how was your trip and show me the pics but do they really mean it? nah!

My bestie made fun of me for taking pocket edward to Europe but I don't care I had fun with him when things got boring!

LITTLE POSTLETTE got inspired at like 2:30 in the AM happens!

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