Monday, July 27, 2009

A Few of My Pet Peeves

Lauren did this on her busy bee site so I'm gonna do it too.

1.) Beating a Dead Horse: Okay this is an expression fro bringing crap up over and over again that is over and done with.
For example recently I saw this:

JFK Jr. remembered 10 years later

okay dude, I swear he's been dead for 10 years, I loved him, we all did, but let the man and his wife and his sister-in-law rest in peace.

Another one that kills me they keep bringing back over and over is Princess Diana, guys it was tragic what happened to her. Leave the poor woman alone.

Now, it's starting all over again with Michael Jackson the man died it was tragic, but he is gone quit talking about him over and over and is this his love child and will so and so sue for custody, get more creative than that.
Oh and don't even get me started on the Jon and Kate thing!
2.) Being disrespectful to celebrities
Example the first:
I know it can't only be Rpattz that gets mobbed like this but it is the best example I can find. Stay away. would you like someone to do that to your boyfriend, your brother, your best friend or you??? Hell no! I wouldn't
I srsly wish I knew this girl cause I would collect all my twitter girls and go up and put a choke hold on her and see how she liked it. I abide by the golden rule in life and in celebrity world. TREAT OTHERS HOW YOU WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED IN THAT SITUATION
I mean if you look above at my beating a dead horse, maybe Princess Di would be alive today if all the papparazzi hadn't mobbed her and caused her driver to go so fast under that bridge.
Example the second:
Bitch, oh no you di'nt! I will cut you! Trust!
Poor Rob, he finally got to see his woman and had that very attractive post-coital glow go Kristen way to help your man with his fan girl stress! and then this bitch has the nerve to touch the butt of his royal hotness...back off bitch and I hope for your sake no one knows you cause if they do...

See scene in Taken with Liam Neeson on phone:
I will find you. and I will kill you!

Example the Third:
This is Nicole Kidman in Nashville, and yes someone took this picture but do you see a mob of people anywhere? autograph seekers? anyone? NO! because we here in lil hollywood aka nashvegas know how to respect our stars kthanxbye!
this is Nicole coming out of I think a department store..anyway it's somewhere in nashville. Have you noticed she will never take her daughter anywhere with her in NYC, LA , or Australia because she is scared the paps might hurt her precious baby...well lookie here..Nashville, baby safe, Nicole happy, no wonder she and Keith love it here. ATTENTION; CRAZY FAN GIRLS: FOLLOW NASHVILLE'S EXAMPLE STAY THE EFFSPICE AWAY!

Poor Rob was and is so stressed out by all this fan craziness he is dying to go back to London where he lives. Way to go fangirls you have scared him out of our hemisphere stupid bitches!

3.) Movie critics with stick up their butts
see my movie review blog and previous posts on this site for more information..

4.) People who cut line!!!!
Oh No I elbow people I'm lethal. story on that to follow!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince premiere
some little girls were trying to cut us in line..I think I embarrassed Kelley cause I yelled at them...don't peeve.. that's just rude, I mean do you think we are standing here in this huge ass line cause we want to...duh!

5.) It's called a blinker or turn signal ever heard of it?
Dear Drivers in Nashville
: there is a reason that little lever on the left side of your steering wheel is there, it's not cause the blinking lights are pretty it's to tell another driver coming from behind that you are about to stop this would avoid a lot of accidents. duh have some common sense kthanxbye!

6.) People who are greedy
Example the first:
Michael Jackson's Mom used to get a MONTHLY allowance from him of $40,000 dollars, now she has his three kids to raise she says she needs more per month...bitch you bes trippin...I know people who's income in one year is 40,000 dollars and they have 3 kids to raise too. What you talkin bout willis?
She says they need to live in the life to which they were accostumed...well they'll just have to be scarred for life living off 10,000 dollars a month..damn poor poor rich kids
what will they ever do...poor darlings
Example the second:
Debbie Rowe, Michael's ex wife, bitch what you smokin? One of those kids isn't even yours and you would seperate them? Also, the money they paid you to stay away from them when Michael was alive seemed just fine then, why now do you all the sudden want the kids, I think it has to do with the money that comes along with the kids....I'm know it.

7.) People who smoke around children
I can talk about this, but there is nothing I can do about it. My brother has cancer but he still smokes has since he was 12 he is now 43 he smokes in his house around his daughters and in his car, he thinks if the window is cracked it's it's not!
As much as we would like to admit it, when someone has an addiction they are the ones who have to want to quit and they have to do it for themselves.
Trust me that is a lesson I learned the hard way. That's all I'm saying, but I know first hand how addiction works.

8.) Car or any electronic device that doesn't just WORK!
I mean come on Mac dude you cannot tell me an avid Mac user that Macs always work, they don't...helllo...I would know!

Okay, I don't know if it matters, but, my car is a Chevy, a general motors, we have gone completely broke car. I know nothing about cars. I barely know how to put gas in the car. I just want to get in my car and turn the key and it start!
here's my car that I usually love! When it works
but it usually doesn't, and only when it's not being fixed.

9.) Car Repair places that act like you (a woman) are stupid!
Every time I have to get a car fixed I make my Dad go with me so that they don't gouge me. It sucks that I can't take my own car to the dealership without a sucks! Hello I have a college degree from a top rated school and um..almost a grad degree in education, I am not stupid! I know when you are gouging me and I will fight it. beware! I can be a bitch when you treat me like I'm stupid! I have blonde hair, but that does not mean I am stupid! Get a Clue!

10.)Men who are shallow...
You will get old one of these days too guys...don't forget. You will not always have those pecs, those abs, girls get fat sometimes, but fat can be lost, stupid can never be fixed, so if you marry a stupid skinny blonde and one day she gains weight, then you are screwed, keep that in mind next time you are looking for a girlfriend.

Okay Rach is on her way!!! yay!

End of post...

Love Queen of Randomness...Julz


  1. I love how you tell it like it is. Great post. I agree with everything you said. What you said about the bitch grabbing Robs butt was so funny! xD

  2. I will need some time to get past the Summit Ent recasting of Victoria. They just rub me the wrong way. I know that show business is just that a serious business. I don't think Summit Ent care much about the Mega Twilight Fan Base. Ungrateful they are! Yes, Bryce Howard is a great actress. I just only see Lefevre as Victoria. I will be over this by 11/20/2009.