Friday, July 24, 2009

Random Thursday Ramblings

I'm trading besties for like 2 weeks:

She's leaving on a jet plane, don't know when she'll be back again!

She leaves on Saturday
This is me and my kellebelle at my birthday, god I'm gonna miss that girl
She's so cute! We were at the Flying Saucer, a bar in Nashville, the last one that allows you to smoke inside it. My ears are already hurting I don't want my eyes to itch too from cigarette smoke.

Here's Kelley from a few months ago looking good with a red guitar

Dear Kellebelle: Don't forget to take my Pocket Bella with you when you go so PE won't get lonely and so Jedi1123 won't freak out.

Dear Cold or whatever you are: Go away! Never come back! Kthanxbye

This is my constant lap accessory:
Okay this is Lucky my oldest kitty, my first born you might say
If I am sitting on my couch she is always fighting me to be in my lap and sometimes that is just not plausible

Dear Dr.________: Why couldn't you fit me in today so that I can swallow without wincing.
Dear God: Please don't let it be strep as you know I am allergic to Pennicillian the best drug for it, so if I do have it, it will take FOREVER for it to go away.
I highly doubt I have it because no fever.

So Kelley is leaving on Saturday for her trip to England
Dear Kelley: Have a wonderful time. You deserve it. I want you to move in when you get back. Hopefully, you will be able to have some kind of income and can movie in as quickly as possible

Dear My Soul-mate: where the hell are you? I've been waiting forever. I am not immortal I cannot wait 100's of years to find you or for you to find me so hurry up about it.

Dear Rachel: your timing could not be any better.
The Monday after Kelley leaves Rach is coming to stay for 2 weeks how perfect did that work out?
Here's Rachel:
I love you honey can't wait to see you
She's coming up on Monday and I can't wait to see her!

Dear Pocket Edward: I know that you are worried about Pocket Bella going over seas but not to worry kellebelle will take extra special care of her.
I'll let you know if pocket bella calls okay, no need to wait by the phone.

Rob's impression of what all the crazy fan girls look like to him

this is what I have been saying since Twilight came's just dumb!

k that's all i can find love you guys pray to the healing gods that i feel better
kthnx bye

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  1. awww i'm really going to miss you too! i hope you have fun with rachel. how come her one picture can make the three or four of me up there look like a total dog? dammit! LOL. anyway, i'll take good care of pocket bella and ray bans edward for ya!