Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Sunday!

Dear Sunday: You are awesome!
What Julz did today:
Woke up at 2:30=SWEET!
Dear My Momma: I love that you love movies as much as me. I am going to FINALLY see The Proposal

Dear Ryan Reynolds: I love you!

That is all

k so I have to pick up the mom-anator soon to go to the that she always pays...that's awesomespice!

Dear Bro: Why did you have to give up your boat and jet ski in your divorce from that crazy bitch you were married to? Dammit!

I wish I was here

I am a Lake Lubber..for sure!
Never was able to get up on skis felt like the rope was gonna rip my arms I can't keep trying....damn bitch ex sister-in-law
Dear Tennessee: It is hot as hell here! No problem we have lakes everywhere
Problem: No boat on lake= Julie sinks (I can swim, but lakes have undertows and they are hella deep) and there are little critters I don't want to have anything to do with in aforementioned lakes...yuck!
Otherwise, you bes awesomespice!

Dear Country Music: You have a song for everything. The song for today is "Redneck Yacht Club" can't remember who sings it....don't care!
Dear Pocket Friends: You rock!
Yes I am 28, yes, I play with pocket characters from my favorite shows what's the harm? I mean the name Julie means young at heart so there! :P

Pocket Edward Julie, Pocket Edward Kelley, McCheffy, Pocket Ray Bans Edward, Bella, Angel (prom edition) on top of box, Vamped Angel and baby Connor, then in Pink good ole Buffy herself in Prom dress, Spike with his amulet, and Mr. Gordo Piggybank!
Dear Garage Door: I officially hate you! First of all you are dirty and cheap and secondly you caused me to try to fix you next to a wasp's nest...thanks a lot
Dear Tobacco: normally I think you are sicknast, but right now due to said wasp sting I wish I had some. I don't know why you take away the evilness of wasp stings you just do! OUCH!

K so my day started out good...then slowly began sucking worse and worse, until....the climax...stung by a wasp!

The smart and wise Mr. Weatherman (not)
Today, Partly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of rain...well I don't know what he learned 30 percent was in school but it rained hard! On the bright side I was watching this

Yay! It was good! Loved it, loved it! See
Review to be written soon!

Adendum to earlier Dear Sunday: you started out good now you are sucking badly!

Dear Steve McNair: K, I don't get it, I keep hearing different things...were you murdered by say an ex boyfriend of your mistress or by your mistress who then went on to shoot it me or does this sound more like an episode of Law and Order than real life? Oh Wait! There was an episode just like this on Law and Order Miami or maybe it was CSI miami...whatevs the one with the red headed dude who has an oral sunglasses fetish
In any case you were murdered by someone and I'm so sorry about that! What a crappy way to die! I want to go in my sleep when I'm like 107 kthanxbye!

Ode to Steve "Air" McNair:

Sad, he was talking about his bright future ahead...if he only knew!
to his family and deepest sympathy.
Dear Joss Whedon: you are a genius, for proof see any season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Dollhouse. True Story!

Dear Twitter: You are worse than caffeine addiction-wise..dude!
Dear Fall TV shows: I'm sick of waiting for you, come out with new shows already!


Harry Potter Puppet Pals in "The Vortex" hehe they make fun of Ron for being grown and then for being fat....ehehehehehehe
Dear IMAX theatres: Umm...hello are you stupid or something? Why on Earth would you put Transformers on and not HARRY POTTER! hello! can you say blockbuster breaking the bank gonna make huge money? Transformers will be dead by then....dumbasses

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Official Trailer


Hot Guy Moment of the Day:

Johnny Depp you are Hotness supremeness...True Story!

The End.

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