Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday a day of Realization

Here is my new decoration for the week. This is a very vampire look for Rob. I guess that is why it says Creature of the Night.

Okay I just finished reading this...

Okay, what the effspice...the computer automatically turned it and I can't get it right! Oh well, you get the picture

Don't know why this one worked and the other one didn't.

Now I'm reading this...I know what is coming and I'm only on Chapter 2 when Carlisle is telling Bella about why he changed Edward.

We all know what happens in Chapter 3....*tear*

Earlier this past few months...@kellebelle1981 read it and because she is so pro-Edward she skipped all the Jacob stuff, but we can't do that because Jacob is going to be in the next movie A LOT no skipping to the Italy scenes when Edward returns....at least until the DVD is released!

Okay folks, it's official, I now own every Twilight magazine published. I think....
If you know of more that is not Teen Beat or something...please tell me and where I can buy it...IMMEDIATELY!

Dear Me: Get out more, meet men, dress up more, wear makeup, not gonna find my "Edward" sitting at home blogging and tweeting and watching Twilight for the 100th time.

Dear Rachey: I hate that your head hurts you all the time:( that sucks. I love that you are willing to let me introduce you to Twilight (the movie) she prolly won't read the books, she's a busy little bee

Dear Kelley: please make your facebook messages a little less cryptic. I know you have a ton of stuff to do and no time, but if you say you "saw" someone. Did you see them in person or did you see a picture of them, or them on TV?

Dear Stephanie: Umm..hurry up and finish Eclipse I'm getting through the "saga" really really fast. I may need Eclipse very very soon!

Dear Jackson's: (it's a bar and restaurant here in Nashville) your food kinda sucked today.

I just realized today, how much of my time and energy and actions being obsessed with Twilight and having this "addiction" or maybe more like "obsession" and the time to return to the "real world" is coming way way too soon and if my NTF "non-Twilight fan" friend hadn't reminded me...that realization might have hit me a lot harder when it actually came true. So that is my ramblings for the day!

Until tomorrow my lovelies!

Queen of Randomness

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