Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday, Lonely Day, Day of Rest, Day of Boredom

This video of Rob is delish...but you know same ole same old!

This character themes song is pretty funny but you know..bleh

I don't know about you but I'm sick of talking about this:
Okay, yay comic con, yay new clips of Twilight

Over it!

Want the movie to come out already and what's meaner, they already have the Posters up at the movie theatres saying coming soon...soon my butt

Dammit November is too far away!!!!!!!!!!!!

in the mean time I went to see this:
OMG!!! So hilarious! I almost peed myself! srsly

Go see it, you will not regret! Now!

and today (sunday) I saw this:

Don't know what those stick up their butt critics are talking about..this movie was so good! Well I mean not Forrest Gump Academy Award quality good, but good enough to see....I mean really it's a romantic comedy...hello formula!

Man and or Woman hate each other..stuff and or woman fall in love...romantic comedy!

Oh and for a proper movie review go see my movie review page..movies are my life I know of what I speak....sadly

K we all know this man is hotness!!!!
The man has so much testosterone that even when he shaves he's got a 5 o'clock shadow...he is man! He is hot! This is truth!

but you know who this girl discovered was also hotness who is in the movie too:
Okay, don't hate....


apparently this hotness above is on one and he's married to that chick from that show about missing people Without a Trace yeah that one....anyhoo...he is hotspice!

So this girl decided he deserved to be man meat! I mean any guy who would get naked in like the first 20 minutes of a movie, deserves a place on the man meat blog.
go and see new post with Eric Winter (dude above) soon!

I only have one complaint about this movie! Gerard Butler was entirely too clothed...wth? I mean come on the man is known for his abs...let's show them off!
300 is like porn for girls a must see!

okay must stop staring at Gerard Butler's abs
Must go out and buy 300 in Blu-Ray abs in high def...*drool*

You know who I never hear much about with all the twi-talk going on?
Mr. Jackson Rathbone
okay like he's hot you gotta admit.. I mean Alice ain't no dope she picked him he's hotness! and a little dangerous in Twilight isn't that hot! I think so!

I mean come on in that Vamp Baseball scene with the bat you weren't thinkin' dude the man's got skills with the hands...I mean what could those skills be used for...hmmm...yeah right! you know you were!

Notice the bat skills, hotness!

In other randomness:

My sore throat and ear ache are sorta going away thanks to a lil invention called the Z-pack, if you don't know what it is you must not have been to the doc in like forever!!!! It's antibiotics that kill...I dunno...everything!!!

especially when you are allergic to penicillian..bad..bad

Oh yeah...back to comic con...I really truly wish there was someone who recorded the two "scenelets" without the colorful commentary in the background....but I digress

k this is really just a space filler cause I needed to

Love ya,


  1. I love you!! It's true...I do!! JACKSON!! *drools over keyboard*

  2. dude, z-paks suck. no lie. both times i was prescribed them they didn't work at all and my doctor said "tell people to quit giving this prescription to you." anyway, that is all.

    btw, went to platform 9 3/4 today! awesomeness! went to madam tussauds and nearly killed me some people for realz!