Friday, July 31, 2009

Follow Me Thru Friday Gossip!

K, I know that someone, maybe Robsessed blog, talked about the Entertainment Weekly 20 greatest Vampires edition.

Let's Explore. Shall we?

I am so excited about this!
It's so fun! It's also so scary, but good too!


I hope they have this at Blockbuster or on Netflix: (cause I bes po)

I wanna see that "elusive" 13th episode that was never aired.

K, Disclaimer! The following is word for word from Entertainment Weekly (my fav) magazine.


Once upon a time, Buffy
creator Joss Whedon dreamed up a new series for the kick-ass Eliza Dushku.
Have to admit, have a little bit of a girl crush on her, she's such a badass, no srsly.
I wanna meet her. Another reason I wanted to go to Comic-con, besides Twilight. One day I will go and I will meet my idol, above and you know I will meet Rob and he will fall in love with me and he will marry me.

Said creator then shot a futuristic stand-alone episode-featuring DR. HORRIBLE'S Felicia Day--that never saw the light of day. Until now, on the season 1 DVD set, that is. And the Whedonites smiled for they (finally) saw that it was good.
came directly from The Must List

Now back to me!
Two of my favorite people were also at Comic-con promoting the Sherlock Holmes movie coming out this Christmas. No really, on December 25th.

Here they are:
Rachel McAdams, of The Notebook fame who is dating the hotness that is this man:
(I already think she's coolspice, but then she dates this hotness, could she be cooler? Nope.)

Josh Lucas and his amazing eyes and smile. Who can forget the way he looked at Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama (one of my fav movies ever, btw)
k, do you know who she is starring with who was ALSO at COMIC-CON?
This guy, who I love:
I woulda loved to have met him! He is so snarky and funny (like me)
Hello, Detective Holmes! Sup? Robert Downey Jr.?

Also there was Jennifer Love Hewitt, who says she would do anything to be in one of the Twilight movies! Now that is what I'm talking about! You go ghost whisperer!
J-love you are coolspice! You love Twilight, extra points,

I just have one question for you is your eyesight okay? Do you need these:
because you are dating this guy:
Who called you the wifey on Twitter, wtf?
Jamie Kennedy her co-star in GW
when she has this man, who plays her husband on GW:
Hello, hotness that is David Conrad, you are 50 percent of the reason I watch GW, and the cool plot is the other, and you know J-love too. He is single and hot! Why not date him?

I can understand that looks are not everything.
Jamie has a good sense of humor, obviously, and maybe David isn't quite so witty.
Maybe, David is really annoying or masogonistic in real life, who knows, but all I know is there must be something wrong when she would pick Jamie over the man who plays her husband.

IDK, that's a real head scratcher for me!
I'd love to meet David and find out though, srsly!

You know who else was there? that I think is insanely pretty?

Olivia Wilde currently of House and was there promoting Tron Legacy
I have no idea what that is about, but umm..whatever! It would have been cool to meet Olivia and ask her how it is to work with the awesomeness that is Hugh Laurie

Hey Hugh, How you doin?
dude, I love House, and last seasons ending/cliffhanger is bugging me come back on good shows! NOW! I COMMAND YOU!

It's prolly good I didn't go because this skank was there:!
I don't like jail, I woulda punched the biatch!

this was the only photo I could find with her having any semblance of clothes on..yuck! She's gross and the next person who says that she is the "next" Angelina Jolie is cruisin' for a bruisin'
Kristen, Rob, and Taylor,
Dear Kristen: I know that hair is for a movie and I applaud your dedication, but damn at least style it or something! Thanks!
Dear Rob: I've said it before and I'll say it again, Plaid ain't Rad
Dear Taylor: why plaid? did summit (the devil) make you do it?

So, OK magazine says that Rob and Kristen's reunion was very awkward.

Yeah me thinks they doth protest too much.
Rob got something that glued a smile on his face at LAX on his way back to NYC to finish up Remember Me. He had a post-coital glow, someone made him happy. Um, wasn't Kristen in LA and Rob left San Diego to go there...coincidence? I think not!

Found this picture on the Pocket Evils site and had to have funny I want this for my birthday...

Lol this is hilarious! So cool!

and you know who else I love because she has (so far) fought off the "child-star" hollywood curse...I first started noticing in Push then now two years later she is going to be scary as hell in New Moon, but in real life she is very very pretty. Go girl!
Dakota Fanning sup?
Taking the part of Jane in New Moon was definitely a good career move.

Okay, so

Supposedly, lawyers have been called in to address the replacement of Rachelle Lefevre with Bryce Dallas Howard...holy hell!

I mean come on we already have to wait till June 2010 to see it, please don't let this push it back farther...oh god...please...i'll be middle aged before Breaking Dawn comes out.

Rachelle, you screwed up, accept it. Sorry but it's true, don't take one movie when you need to shoot another one.

It's common sense you cannot be 2 places at once, and girl, do you really think that you can beat a lawyer that Summit's endless funds can buy? I highly doubt it.

And as my friend Rachel pointed out I am obsessed with this man:
hello, my name is Julie and I'm a Robaholic!
Okay let's make fun of those things we love so much (Twilight)
We only tease about what we love!
Emmett doing MC Hammer and Taylor's depiction of what a Edward fangirl looks like.

damn right!

dude for real! I bet he does!!!!

hehe Blade 4 perhaps?

and right again!


and me again

and for the grand finale something I have been saying all week or forever

That's all folks....
Queen of Randomness
Julz Muah!

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  1. OK...bear with me here!!

    Dollhouse...haven't seen it yet, WANT to see it, probably have to wait for it on DVD lol

    Megan Fox...I actually like her, alot of people give me crap for it but I think she's kinda cool!!

    KStew...looks HORRIBLE!! And I don't buy this whole 'I'm working on a film and I'm trying to stay in character' me it's just laziness!!

    Robsten...I still see no proof that it's true! And as my latest blog (and the ones that will link to it) points can make it look like ANYONE'S together based on the 'proof' there is for Robsten lol

    Finally, Blade 4...LMAO!! That is so hilarious!!