Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday's Take on the Issues

Way back in one of my ramblings posts I started a list of universal truths

My universal truth #1 was: All Vampires are hot!

I've been behind on my vamp shows and lore this week, but as I just finished watching True Blood that came on on Sunday, it's fresh in my mind

Between some girls on twitter there is a contest going on as to whether this vamp:
is hotter than this vamp:
You know what ladies...let's just call it a tie. Does one have to be better looking than the other? No. They are both eyecandy, they are both fun to look at, we'll call it a draw! If I had to choose between them I would take BOTH

So, you are saying, julz where the hell have you been all these nights?

Well, it's really none of your business, but you know what I'll tell you anyway.

So, I have had my bff, (one of them) staying with me while she transitions to move back to Nashvegas from spending a year in Florida:
She will hate this picture, but it's the most recent one I have. This is from last night in the "trendy" wannabe section of Nashville, they call the Gulch!

Dear Rach: Nashville has a lot of problems. It takes some getting used to when you move anywhere. You have to acclimate to any city especially when you've been gone. All will work out in the end, I promise!

We went to this restaurant in "the Gulch" that is trying to be cool, but the harder it tries the cooler it's not.

this ladies and gentleman of my followers is the inside of Sambuca

Dear Sambuca: pull the stick out of your butt, you are not "that" cool, you are a restaurant with live music...hello big fat hairy deal...it's Nashville..live music everywhere...get a frickin clue!

You ain't that cool. Your food is normal, and it's way too expensive. Get over yourselves!!
This is what I say to you, you are a:
Yeah, that's right you listen to Garfield, he knows of what he speaks
He also says you suck because you don't have Lasagna!

I think for once in history of the world, despite what scientists might say, we here in Nashville as I type are having a MONSOON.

Damn, a minute ago it thundered and I look like this:
Dude, it was loud
Dear Thunderstorms in Nashville: You bes scary! And do not make my electricity go off..kthanksbye.

K, so lemme vent for a minute...
Stephenie Meyer, thank you so much for the following:

We cannot express our gratitude for these books for proof, see the trillions of Twilight fansites!

Dear Stephenie Meyer: I am sorry that your draft of Midnight Sun got leaked. I know it made you mad and you felt disrespected, but that was A LONG TIME AGO.

Can you please finish it? kthanxbye

K that was my viewpoint on that....don't know where that cover came from..googled it that's what came up...

Dear Peanut Butter: You rock my world! I can't believe I keep forgetting to put you in my protein shakes everyday...hello...yum!

Okay, there is another addict to the Twilight saga:
Dear Stephanie my friend:
I think it's funny that the minute you finished Eclipse you called and begged me to let you read Breaking Dawn. You are addicted too. I know I will see you in an I love Edward or Jacob shirt in November too...you know it's true. Dude everyone who reads these books falls in love!


Okay you know one problem we DON'T have in Nashville, no matter how hot?
Air conditioning
....last summer I went to Chicago..here's what happened:

I thought, natch, since Chicago is in Illinois and Illinois is farther North than Tennessee it would be a little less hot.


It was freaking hot as hades up there and Nashville was looking like a refrigerator in comparison.

Also, apparently those people in that land of Illinois or at least Chicago don't know the meaning of Air conditioning.

EVERY restaurant, bar, store, mall, building, or indoor structure was freaking

K I thought this was horrible, but if you have gone in a restaurant in Nashville, you will know
that you need a jacket. We believe in AC down here in the big Tenn.

Every restaurant, store, and other indoor structure makes you wish you were wearing long sleeves, but then you walk outside and this hits you
It's very, very frustrating!
So, we Nashvillians are always pealing off, usually unflattering layers, or putting them on...welcome to Nashville, we don't know what hot and cold is....we bes southern...u better reconize!!!!

You know who I'm seeing everywhere:
this girl:
Dear People reading this: If you don't know who this is, crawl out from under the rock you have been living under. I got this pic off of a JAPANESE website!

That is Taylor Swift, she is on the cover of Glamour this month..and she's been on every cover of every magazine for thousands of weeks or whatever...

Umm...yeah she's sorta cool! I guess....no feelings either way

Dear Whole Foods: your soups are horrible and you are way over-priced hello strawberries for 4$ you bes trippin!


Dear Wild Oats: come back to us we miss you! Kthanxbye
haha I love that there is an old woman in the picture...hehe

So much here in Nashville is umm....OVERRATED! for example
1.) The Gulch
2.) random bands who play in Sambuca on Monday night and write a Rock-opera, who will ever see it. Who cares!
3.) Music scene during the week...weekends different story

Dear Men: Why are you all idiots, with a few rare exceptions, usually the ones you are related to. I mean does having that leg missing on that Y chromosome make you lose your ummm...minds?
Men are always bitching cause they say they don't understand us. We aren't that hard to figure out, just do everything you can to keep us looking like this:
Is that so hard...no!

Okay, well on Thursday I start student teaching, also called:


Dear Summit: If you make Breaking Dawn into two movies okay I can deal, but if you make it like I heard last night, into 3 then we will have a PROBLEM!
You are already on thin ice for the Rachelle Lefevre thing.

We have power! See Peter Facinelli vs. Rob Defranco! Never make a bet against Twilight fans...don't bet that they will stay loyal if you mess with us! Even for stuff we worship, adore, and love, we can only be bent so much until we finally

Don't cross a Twi-hard, you will regret it! Trust!

The end for now...

Queen of Randomness


  1. $4 strawberries? Gwe whiz!

    The Gulch sounds hilarious.

    And where would be without Twilight:)

    Great blog (as always) :)