Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday Thoughts On Random Stuff

Today I had my student teaching seminar....BORING!
They gave us the speech about, watch what you say and blah blah, but unfortunately it is true...folks please no cussing on my f&*&*in blog, kthanxbye!

Seriously though, I have "googled" myself and this blog is the only thing that comes up. I will just have to be a good girl and hope I don't epically fail

I want to clear up something that has been bugging me for a lil while:

Dear Farrah Fawcett: You got epically screwed! Why you may ask?

on the same day as Farrah was losing her battle with cancer

Michael Jackson died too.

Neither one is less upsetting than the other, but Farrah's tributes got put on the back burner while the juicy details of the crazy way MJ died flooded every type of media out's been bugging me.

It's all about ratings and let me tell you a star dying from a long-time battle with cancer that everybody knows she has is not as exciting as an eccentric pop icon who overdoses on's just life...people like I say


In other, celebrities dropping like flies news,

Once upon a time...
there was a redheaded girl, who had a butthead for a brother and horrible self-centered hussy for a sister

And they forgot this girl's birthday...
and then she got this guy as a present for that epic fail of a sixteenth birthday..
hello there Jake Ryan...
How U doin?

and wah-lah a legend was born!

But it wasn't that red-headed girl or that hot boy that would be what became legend...

It was this guy!
John Hughes...the William Shakespeare of the 80's

it was a time when the dorky red-headed hippie girl could land the rich cute boy and find true love..or you know..a date for prom..same diff

And then there was the song by the Psychadelic Furs...who were never heard from ever again....

Then...more greatness came from John Hughes when he got a bunch of kids together early one Saturday morning....the nerd and the misfit and the princess and the freak....and so was born the ULTIMATE cult classic movie!

and possibly one of the most well-known movies EVER!

which begat...THE BRAT PACK....not to be confused with the Rat Frank Sinatra..not the same thing..

and then there was St. Elmo's Fire that had nothing to do with John Hughes...

starring Mrs. Ashton Kutcher herself...
Who knew she would grow up to become the Queen of the Cougars???

Then later...he made the movie that made Matthew Broaderick a Superstar!
and my personal favorite...
Ferris Bueller's Day Off..where he sang in the shower and conned his way through Chicago and into our hearts forever...hey battah battah battah...saah-wwwwing...battah...he canit..hecanit hecanhit..sah-wing battah!

Try typing that! It's hard...

So, John Hughes as I go get my copy of Ferris Bueller's Day Off to watch for the trillionth time...I tip my remote to you..oh great one!

Here's a challenge...just like finding that 3rd "gry" word in the English language...
see if you can find a star in Hollywood today..that doesn't have some connection to John Hughes...that will be a star-studded funeral for sure....

Expect to see this man...crying "the ugly cry" cause John Hughes made him everything he is.....

Didn't he?
Anthony Michael Hall???? Then and now...
You think, you woulda gotten the lead in The Dead Zone, if not for John Hughes???

that's what I said!!!!

Okay, here is a list of the movies John Hughes made day in August in 2009, he went for a walk and he had a heart attack and the world lost a genius!

1.) Sixteen Candles...see above
2.) The Breakfast Club..again above
3.) Weird Science (srsly Anthony Michael Hall owes Hughes his life, dude)
4.)Pretty in Pink...see above
5.) Ferris Bueller's Day Off...again above
6.)Some Kind of Wonderful..which was freaking wonderful I might add!
Starring, prolly the only red-headed guy I ever had a crush on..Eric Stolz, so cute!
and then it just got more and more legendary from there...go to IMDB and look at the list...
You WILL be me!

and in other news...

Happy's "kelley returns home finally" day!
and Patrick the cutie nephew missed his aunt Kelley so much he named her TOYS! lol
No! Kids they just don't understand travel!


I know I PERSONALLY am ecstatic that she is back...thank god! I was worried she might stay and be lost forever to the British peeps...but alas..Mistah Pattz
didn't pop "the question" like we thought, so she came home to the home she has a love/hate relationship make money on the exchange rate and where politicians are celebrities and celebrities are politicians...yay the good ole US of A!
the greatest country in the's true!

while she was there...this man tried to steal her heart away from Mr. Marsters

and the mistah pattz above:

This man tried to steal her heart but srsly she didn't even notice or give him the time of day..pashaw...
you ain't special Dougray Scott..not good enough for kellebelle

but srsly all kidding aside...well not completely cause with me that's impossible!

Dear Kelley: Thank god you are back!!! Never leave again, at least not WITHOUT me!!! That's an order! Kthanksbye!

Queen of Randomness


  1. I agree about Farrah and the w*y the media handled it.

    It must be awesome having such a close friend:)

    Student Teaching? Cooel!

    I've never many of his films yet I am one who knows good directing and he was a good director:)

    RIP Farrah
    RIP John Hughes

  2. amen to being back! holy crap balls! customs was a serious pain in the butt and all the people that work at the airport in charlotte are RUDE AS HELL! i can't wait to bore you with every...single...picture from my trip! :D

  3. have to agree about the student teaching meeting..they are sooo dull!!!! Am also glad Kelley is back!! WOOHOO! Love the blog and hope all is well. Hugs and love!

  4. I totally agree about Farrah! I was so annoyed that all day all they talked about was Michael Jackson was sad for his family but she had a family too!

    You my dear, are made of awesomeness!!

    P.S. Sorry it took me so long to read and comment on this...crazy week!! *hugs*