Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are They or Aren't They...My Thoughts on this Tuesday!

Okay, I have a bone to pick with the media....

Is there no integrity in journalism anymore?

I can't find the link, but there was this video released on Youtube where a pap...chases Kstew into a cab practically jumpin in the front window...then they chase rob as he leaves in the green porsche! Poor Rob is so nervous he's biting his arm again!

Then there is the tug of war...who's right? OK, Us Weekly, Life n Style?

Life N Style says that Rob and Kristen are ON! That they are hot and heavy!
SEE this week's cover?

But in this week's OK!
It says and I quote "Rob and Kristen Cool Off"

The following is transcribed word for word from OK magazine:


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's awkward public reunion at the July 23 Comic-con in San Diego was a reminder that relationships are complicated, especially when you're the galaxy's hottest young stars. Although Kristen, 19, had anticipated that she and Rob could pick up where they left off in June-- when he headed to NYC to film Remember Me while she stayed in L.A. to work on The Runaways--their passion ultimately fizzled.
"I know Kristen still cares for Rob and would like to see their
relationship go forward," a source tells OK!. "But Rob seems freaked out by the fame thing and the fact that he can't go anywhere or do anything without fans mobbing him."
Indeed, since the brooding Brit went on location in the Big Apple, Twitter Nation has been in hot pursuit, flocking to the Remember Me set and trailing him out on the town after hours. Not surprisingly, the vampire saga's loyal following became enraged when Rob, 23, began dating co-star Emilie de Ravin in June. As a result, Emilie, 27, cancelled her Comic-Con appearance, and security was beefed up on the indie film's set. "Rob and Kristen's lives have changed so dramatically since they first met on Twilight more than a year ago -- they're both superstars now," the insider explains.
To be sure, Rob i a reluctant idol who would be perfectly happy to spend most of his nights at home, strumming his guitar or quaffing a few brews with his mates in the back corner of a cozy pub. Having a superfamous girlfriend, Rob reasons, only compounds the media glare.
Interestingly, the summer started with Kristen being somewhat skittish about their relationship, torn by her loyalty to longtime boyfriend Michael Angarano, with whom she's since split. Now, however, it's Rob who's holding back. "He still cares for Kristen," the insider says, "but I think he fears that if the two of them are together, the attention won't allow them to have a normal relationship. Rob has more of a "wait and see" attitude than Kristen has. He's looking forward to their spending some on-set time when they move to Vancouver in August to film Eclipse. He's hoping that being on set, where the fans aren't allowed to go, will give them some time to better explore their feelings for each other, then decide if they both want to move forward."
Bottom line, Twilight fans: If you're dying to see Edward Cullen and Bella Swan unite off-screen, you'll have to hang on a bit.
"For Rob and Kristen," the source tells OK!, "the future is up in the air."
-Richard Jerome and Carole Glines


Dear Journalism:
get truer, kthanxbye! There is this thing called umm..research...do it. There is also this thing called proof, enough with the stupid lies...

ARE THEY OR AREN'T THEY? Who can even tell anymore? I give up!

Robsten or not Robsten...who knows...not me and admit it, not you!


  1. It's hard to tell sometimes, I'm only assuming it's on. However, I'm not there.

  2. i just don't care enough to know if it's true or not. it's their lives, not mine, so i figure just don't worry about the inconsistent tabloids because it really doesn't matter all that much in the long run.

  3. I HATE tabloids. All they do is LIE and LIE! I mean seriously. Can they ever mind their own fucking business? And they just lie so bad.

    That's why I only read professional magazines like Vouge and GQ and Vanity Fair.

    Cosmopolitan is shitty though HEADLINE: "How To Give Your Man An Orgasm" Im like: WHO GIVES A RATS ASS, Whore! This is supposed to be a beauty magazine?

    Lmao. I'm sure Kristen and Rob are just friends