Friday, August 28, 2009

Somewhere in the World Paparazzi are Crying and Fangirls are getting the Shakes

In case you haven't noticed, it's been a little slow on the news this past couple weeks.

Well, the last of the Kennedy men died, and went to join his brothers wherever they might be. I dunno, I don't judge!

Okay, on that note, I have a question?

Dear Kennedy Clan (that sorta doesn't exist anymore): Enough with the nicknames already,'s confusin

for instance:

John F. Kennedy was called Jack

umm...okay my theory dies here cause Robert was called Robert....hum?

Okay anyhoo, Edward Kennedy was called Teddy and then later someone shortened it to Ted...and then when Edward Kennedy died I was like who?

This just in...beeep beep beep beeep...
DJAM was found dead today in his home...damn another one bites the dust!

Okay I don't really know why this DJAM person was famous but here's a pic and I know that he dated Nicole Richie pre-baby-factoryness and Mandy Moore, but other than maybe being a DJ I have no idea why he was famous
here's a pic:
He was one of those he "just is" famous peeps...sorta like Paris Hilton but not as skeezy!

RIP dude no one deserves to die and it seems like Hollywood is a dangerous place to be famous these days...dude srsly

Okay, so RPattz and KStew have been enjoying some time out of the limelight...hence the title of this blog:
For a couple of weeks, we have heard rumors and tweets from peterfacinelli and gilbirmingham but other than that you wouldn't even know Eclipse was filiming...
Fangirls all around the world were holding their breathe and papparazzi had nothing better to do than talk about
one of the random Kardashian sisters that is not Kim being preggers...

so what, who isn't preggers in hollywood these days?

and some playboy bunny chick named Kendra is preggers are we surprised? It was a slow news week in Hollywierd!
the Kendra preggers chick/playboy bunny girl

Then, yesterday, Robward peeked out of his cocoon for a minute and Fangirls finally let out a sigh of relief...Rob was alive and well and being Edward again!!!! We likey!
Rob finally steps out of his trailer in his Edward Cullen makeup! FINALLY
Then he picks up his little itty bitty coat and his entourage!
and of course Robward with his Soda can...creature of habit that one!

K you know who I DON'T think is all that?
Renee frickin Zellweger! All of a sudden it's like Jen Aniston vs. Renee for the affections of hot hollywood hunk? WTF?
Umm...hi..Bradley Cooper, you are hotness, but what is with your taste in women?
oh she of the squinty eyes!!! How do you score Bradley Cooper...over Jen?


seems the hotter he is the more confusing he's the hotness factor, the more hotness, the more craziness! I swear!
Those eyes are super they work? Just sayin....I mean the woman married Kenny Chesney *blech*

Dear Heather Locklear: You bes look good for ur age but going back onto Melrose Place at ur should have moved on by now Don't ya think?

Woman, I have to say you have the worst taste in men...geez..

Dear Billy Ray Cyrus: Are you freaking kidding me? You have no problem with your daughter dancing on a pole? You calling making her art? What the effspice is wrong with you? I would have grabbed that little girl by the ear and yanked till she got some lessons put in that air-filled head

Chris Rock said it best, you have one job as a Father to a little girl...keep her off the pole!

They say he doesn't want to tell her NO! NEED to or you are gonna have another Lindsay Lohan disaster on your hands...Billy Ray...the only decision you made worse than that mullet...dude!

OMG! Celine Dion is pregnant again! My heart will go on! NOT! Girl what you smokin? Another baby at your age...srsly!

you wanna know who I hate?
This skank and her ugly arrogant ass husband need to get on my ROCKET! God, I hate her!

Dear Robsten: come out come out wherever you are! Give us some news and pictures....the fangirls are gonna die from withdrawal stress...give the papparazzi some money...everyone gotta make a living, right?

Okay, I'm out for now...oh btw...
these people need to fall off the Earth (not really) just the TV earth
Dear Kate Gosselin: Jon is groddy, he's fat, let him see his kids every once in a while and let him go...he's a throw away, you can do better!

Dear Press: Stop talking about them...I'm so OVER it!

I would put Jon on my rocket but he needs to be a Father to those thousands of kids


  1. I agree, Jon and Kate are BORING!!! Gah, why? The writers of this mag must be desperate!!!

  2. Jon and Kate are sickening. Renee is a good actress.

    IM so tired of these sucky mags thats for sure