Sunday, August 23, 2009

70th Post Damn I talk A LOT!

Is it just me or was True Blood only like 43 minutes long..umm..wth?

Isn't it supposed to be an hour long?

Dude, put Eric Northman in the eps more...

If you film him, they will watch!

This ladies is yummy...duh!
It's also on the newest celebmanmeat post go see...

So, in case you haven't been on Twitter in like...I don't know a haven't heard that me, @kellebelle1981, @ecnurse87 and my friend Nori are having a campout at my house so that I can get a picture with PFach and most importantly, this man below:

Hello, Kellan did I mention I love you? Well if not I do!

Dear Kellebelle: Don't kill me! Vamp Bill looked sorta hot in his leather to see the queen.

If they hadn't admitted they were in love and gotten engaged...there would have been Robsten like proportions of stories for mags, such as Us Weekly speculating I mean look at the chemistry just from this picture!
geez could they want each other more?


Okay so @kellebelle1981 being the coolest made me this to remind me of the bliss I will feel in January when I "really" stand next to Kellan, but doesn't my face fit well. I think it was meant to be...yup it's kismet!
This may just be the best pic of Rose and Emmett ever! Ha!
hence, my twitter background..go see @julieperk

Then there is this picture...not so fact down right scary as hell!

This is scary! Me and Johnny were not meant to be apparently! Damn!

It also shows me that I would NOT look good with brown hair.

Lil E: Bella why did you stop kissing me? What's wrong?
Lil B: nothing, humans need water to not get chapped lips...but I do have my burt's bees wax lipstick
Lil E: *sings* I kissed a girl and I liked it she tasted like cherry chapstick
Lil B: Hey, wait, my chapstick doesn't taste like cherry! Who have you been kissing?
Lil E: they are just song lyrics I thought it would be funny
Lil B: *cries and runs off* It's not!
Lil E: *facepalm* YOUR mood swings are giving ME whiplash now!

Lil E cannot seem to do anything right these days. Good thing B loves him irrevocably!

Kstew and RPattz at Kings of Leon...did they didn't they..don't care...

I was just noticing...does it look like Kstew has been eating too many french fries or is it her HAIR or her OUTFIT? She just looks chubby in this pic..just sayin kthanxbye!


These two...their kids are adorable, but they just get on my nerves! I'm so sick of hearing about them in all the tabloids.

Here's the story in a nutshell that should be dropped after I explain
Jon=loser manwhore who doesn't take responsibility for his kids
Kate= bitchy control freak, but good mom who has every right to get to say who gets to be around their kids and be able to hire a babysitter that her soon to be ex-husband won't sleep with

Kate did his body good...
He is fat and sloppy and obviously an idiot! geez! He has lots of baggage...eight kids worth!

Dear Girls who Date him: get a clue he's lame and he is fat and sloppy and sleeps with everything on two female legs...gross!

Dear Gossip Mags: quit beating a dead horse stop printing stuff about them please!

Oh to be the thumb on that exquisite hand..oh to touch your lips...yummmmy! I will see you in January, you can count on that!

some things I'm looking forward to:

1.) Vampire Diaries on the CW, can anyone say Ian Somerhalder?

Hotness times 2, and oh yeah there is some girl in it too!

True Blood Season 3...why does it have to be so long between season?

Burn Notice Season 3-jeffrey Donavan=hotspice
New Moon (November)
get here already! Dude! Hurry the hell up!

So, my car rose from the Dead like Lazarus in the Bible
I still say the key sticks but according to people who didn't crush their right hand in a door they don't see it that way! Well I have to drive it so to all you guys ....shut up!

I've been hangin with some 9 year olds lately couple 10 year olds...i haven't died yet so I'm essentially happy...I guess...not getting paid...maybe some day...

I am now in love with a new show that I can't miss...
so good...dude!
This is Nurse Jackie and her cutie pie hubby whom she is cheating on with no less than at least one man sometimes two and one of these days the fit is gonna sit the fan...she better APPRECIATE her husband is SO in love with her, and so incredibly cute...hello...duhspice!

If the pocket edward pic above looks familiar I copied it from Lil E's blog..just set up my PE and PB just like it...I thought it needed more commentary!

I was asking peeps on Twitter what to blog about..still have nothing so umm..this is me saying bye for now until I have something interesting to talk about..
one quick thing
The Ginger Swan asked for some blondie bear aka Spikeypoo aka Spike from Buffy!

so here's some Spike
Hello there sir..hotness

So many names...blondie bear, spikey, billy idol's idol, james marsters, william the bloody, Mr. Billowy coat of Pain...still no matter what they call u HOTSPICE!

Duster of Hotness..."it was my everything" heheehehehehe Spikey loves his coat..yessirree
and last but extreme certainly not...least...
This bes funny as hell:

Hey Angel is that Mountain Dew in that cup? hehehehehe
and he has his own calendar FOR A REASON!!!
there you go girls hope you like it...mmmm..Spike...why didn't he have an affair with the Furies???? Stupid Furies...
before I'm outie

Dear Lauren from Lauren's Bite: why is your blog set to invite only...wt effspice? is it me? what did I do? I confused
out for now..
that's my opinion..oughta be yours if it's not don't care
Queen of Randomness


  1. I just love your blogs;) seriously.

    That Pocket KStew and RPattz convo had me rolling!

    And I LOVE me some Ian Somerhalder. Ever since he was on lost. Those eyes. Drools.

    You get to meet Kellan! That is the epitome of cool!

    Woot! Talk about melting! xD

  2. Holy Spikin, I a LIKIN!!!


    thanks sweets i lovems this blog!! Julie, u rock!

  3. Everything about this post is a win! Love it. I even snorted.