Saturday, August 15, 2009

Possibly the Weirdest Day Ever at least for a Friday

K, let's my student teaching gig, love my cooperating teacher,
Met the kids today, exhausting and some strange but cool, love the whole fourth grade team, love the school, etc.

Here was my agenda for the day

1.) Get up at the buttcrack of dawn aka 6:30 AM
This is sunrise over Nashville, where I live, but I don't live downtown so I don't see this and I don't drive in downtown that early and thank god for that too.

Anyhoo, get to school at 7:30 AM walk to the office and back and it's freakin me! Did that 6 times in one hour.

Dealt with annoying mob of parents dropping off their kids for a first half-day.
btw parents are lamespice...but it's part of the job...

Kids do work, think I did okay, yeah whatever....

Leave school at 4:05, run home in my car, change to go work out, no clean clothes as I haven't done laundry in like..umm...i dunno...a year!

then, I go workout, not so horrible today, but I ate junk all day so all's I did was cancel out the bad stuff then...

rush to go visit my cousins from Texas haven't seen in 3 years
Stay for like I dunno...30 minutes...see my great auntie who I love dearly! Keep on keepin on...aunt anna...

Dear Aunt Ann: I would do anything for you, but sometimes you are bitchspice, but I love you, just sayin!

Dear my cats: Do you have asthma? Are you allergic to kellebelle's books and dvds? I confused you wheezing and snoring...lazy cats...oh to be a cat for just one day although the litter box..not so fun

Anyhoo, back to the weirdest day ever on the planet....planet Julie of course, natch

So, visit the Texans, hug them goodbye, rush Kellebelle over after her shower and she moves all her crap in my house preparing for moving in....someday!

Then, meet the Racheypoo for supper, she's the bomb-diggety!

She goes to get in her car and drives away happily pushing the gas and the car goes. Meanwhile, I unlock the doors of my car, kellbelle and I get in, turn the key engine almost starts up...but at last second

Then, wait a few seconds, try again, turn the key, nothing, literally nothing, I could work nothing, no windows, no locks, no lights, nothing! My car literally died....did Edward Cullen come by and dazzle it to death or something...I am so pissed!

Dear Dad and Mom: I know funds are tight right now, but, I need a car that kthanxbye...let's talk about this lil later k?
oh more American cars...they like most machinery hate me...let's try something japanese as the fact that it is from another country it might take a long time to understand that it hates me....k? cool!

Here is a picture of the pile of metal that is currently "my car."

So, the mom-face comes to pick up me and kellebelle and graciously lets me borrow her wierdo German car...mercedes...I swear you need a degree in engineering to just figure out the air conditioner...I still haven't figured it's so dumb nothing like, "makes sense."

Stupid expensive German cars and your stupid annoying buttons...oh and btw the key clicker thingie don't work..yay...that will be interesting to figure out...NOT!

So, I guess I 'm driving the mom-face's car until mine gets un-dead, it will be a VAMPIRE CAR! maybe that means it will live forever.

Even Edward's Volvo is looking awesome right now...
So, come back to the Bellevue and driving this weirdo car, momface and dadface gave me Tennessee Titans tix for tomorrow night, not sure if I'm gonna go, the whole no car and the locks don't lock and all...I'm about to say screw it!

I just want to see if they do some kind of tribute to Steve "Air" McNair

finally get home and remember all the things I left in my car since I practically live in in like
1. my garage door-opener
2. all the rest of my shizz
3. my twilight cd truly priceless...irreplaceable
etc. all the things that live in a car you have had forever

There are high points and low points in every part of my life....whatevs....shit happens...I left my copy of Eclipse in my freaking dead car.

IF my car miraculously comes back to life it will now on from hither forth be called the Edward Cullen!

this was the freakin most inconvenient weirdest day ever and I missed my chance to see the New Moon trailer in Bandslam, but if it like what we saw on youtube then never freaking mind!

Dear Summit: Please hurry and produce Eclipse, then Breaking Dawn then get the hell out of my life...kthanxbye!

Dear Megan Fox: you are still a skank and that will never change

You bitch at everything, you bitch about being compared to Angelina Jolie, what the hell are you smoking, be flattered not mad...dumbass, also, if you like Shia date Shia if you like Brian Austin Green do what's best for him and find him someone else.

Dear Sienna Miller: You are a marriage ruining ho-bag and just because you dumped Belthazar Getty after ruining his family, does not make it better or what you did better you=skank...get on my rocket...

P.S. Us Weekly, OK!, Life and Style, stop putting her in the mags or I will stop reading and you DON'T want that to happen...

Dear Kellebelle: thank god you got a job, now one day you can move in...k

Dear Nori: U are coming up! Yay Nashville welcomes you and especially me!

Dear My Chemical Muse: yous be awesomespice!

Dear Katie aka @ecnurse87: come up whenever you can.... you are always welcome no matter when! love ya!

so pray for the dead car that it may come back to life or get traded in for something from China or Japan...anything that runs will suffice...well not anything but most things...NO MORE CHEVY'S EVER!

Okay, that's the nutsiest day ever, welcome to my life, these days are not few and far between the days when it's not like this are few and far-between

Dear Kellbelle: Thanks for putting up with all the drama that is friendship with me...xoxoxoxo

Dear John Hughes: you died, it sucks!

Did I mention my car died? oh yeah and I have on more Dear:

Dear loyal and most beloved followers: I love you but I DESPISE FOLLOW FRIDAY how the hell do I say FF to 766 peeps?? I don't have the time...

I'm out for now love you guys hope you read ya!


P.S. Dear My Oldest Brother: Your kids are sunburnt! I have one word for you. SUNSCREEN!


MY CAR=DUNZO! bye bye I will be rid of you, you albatross...

Julz, queen of randomness


  1. awww don't talk about the edward cullen like that! maybe it'll come back to you pale white and ice cold (which will suck when winter rolls around and then we'll be wishing it was a jacob black). i'm just sayin'.

    yay for the titans game later on! we'll have tons of fun! :D

    i hope the next time i get in your mom's car that it doesn't mysteriously lock me inside. i was worried that it was going to try to eat me before you got out there.

  2. I know that car is weird to the extreme...I will have to figure something out until I can get my car fixed. My Mom is like you can't drive my car forever. I'm like I know!

  3. Mercedes. Lol. Love the name. Drives smooth. The more used the better. LOL.

    You seem like you've got a full plate. Student teaching is like so cool. Teachers are the most dynamic people in society.

    Your a Titans fan? Awesome. They are a pretty cool team. Anythings better than the Packers.

    Megan is so annoying just like you said. I'm like can you not be a dignified beauty for once?!

    Chevy's suck. And Saturn. My dads been working in car dealerships since he was a tween. Chevys used to have good quality yet now. Bleh.

    I can see you in a Denali looking all chic. Or maybe a cute VW? I'm sure you'll find something soon. Having a dead car sucks a$$ :(.

    Sunscreen song! FTW! Lol. Is it the 1960s one for QT? Lmao :)