Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Do You Write About When There is Nothing to Write About?

K peeps, Julz Queen of Randomness here, new TV season coming up and what is my fav thing in the whole wide of this worldy?

TV yes, you are correct!

Let the Ramdomness commence!

Does anyone remember A Different World from the early 90s..if not...shut up you are too young!

Here's the cast, it's sorta a spin-off of The Cosby Show...

Anyhoo, my point in this randomspiceness is good....

This dude is gonna be a Father to a Junior in college in the ABCFam mega-hit Greek!
Dwayne Wayne...ain't nobody gonna have a baby this beautiful with you!

He will play Dad to Greek's beautiful Ashley here's a pic:
YEP! NOPE! ain't gonna happen! Who you tryin to kid ABCFam aka Disney?

For those of you who are judging! Shut up! He who has never watched a bad tv show cast the first remote!

Although, Greek is frickin good if you would give it a chance...

It stars....
the daughter of this guy recognize him?
Hello, he only played Dr. Frasier Crane on CHEERS and then on his own spin-off show FRASIER!

he also is responsible for this awesomespice show:
which got cancelled by NBC but then immediately bought by CBS..phew! Thank God! I love this freakin show! If you ain't watching you ain't livin' hehe just kidding!
Love it though,

Okay back to the point, so Greek on ABCFam stars the daughter of above 90s sitcom staple...
Spencer Grammer=coolspice!

Then there is this show that for some reason got renewed...
oh wait...I know the reason
This is the reason...
Jennie Garth is awesomespice..I mean dude her taste in men alone makes her badassspice!

*muah* love you PFach!

except for 1 lil thing...

Why you stop following the kellebelle???

What the Forks PFach?? That be's suckspice!

and the new and UNFORTUNATELY last season of possibly the best TV show on TV.....duhspice!

Supernatural is the hottestspice show on the air right now...
Hello, the Winchester brothers kings of hotness!
Who will play Lucifer, that is the question?

How are we gonna get our New Moon fix may you ask in these Houdini months of David Slade ruledom? While they shoot Eclipse.

MTV Video Awards where they will reveal a special double length New Moon trailer, prolly the two out there combined. I have learned not to get my hopes up when it comes to least we will finally get some new pics of RPattz and TLau...

They will also figure out a way to let Twilight win EVERYTHING again!

I'm so not complainin' thing....

Why the effspice is this loser hosting? I hate him, he's on my rocket fo shizzle!
He is yuckspice!
Ahhh! It hurts my eyes, make it go away!!! Ahhhh!!!

I'd rather see Will Ferrel in a thong than him....gah!

Okay, so I wish this bitch would, I don't know I can't say die I don't wish that on anyone but umm...die off TV or something...god I HATE her she is like nails on a chalkboard to me
Bitch get yo husband and get on my rocket leaving know she will worm her way onto the MTV Video Awards somehow...she always does

It just proves that the Twilight Saga is so popular we Twi-hards will just about watch or do anything to get a glimpse of our RPattz, KStew, and TLau
I mean for me to watch the two above that means I must truly love Twilight!


and then with every begginning comes an end...for this one...a tragic and sorely missed end...

Goodbye True Blood
but more importantly....goodbye Eric Northman

NO!!! You will be missed!
Eric Northman I love you!

You know who else from True Blood that had a WAY TOO SHORT RUN that I love?
Can they come up with some plot twist where you come back to life? That would be awesomespice...I cried when you died..I cried the ugly cry!

then of course the CW continues our Vamp obsession and hot man obsession with
the Vampire Diaries
Hello...Ian Somerhalder and that other dude of hotness...vamps and hot guys and high school...oh my!

then there is a show that should not ever have been resurrected...

Melrose frickin Place! Lamespice!
I thought it was (a kellebelle word) suckspice the first time around...gah!

and now Ashlee Simpson Wentz is in it? I may watch it for the 1st episode like someone watches a train wreck u just can't look away!

Okay, in news that is easy on my lovely eyes...

I love this man!
He is MY Monkey man!
I am totally obsessed! I don't care who knows it! I ain't ashamed! I just have good taste what can I say?
and again...

That's all...

Dear Kellan: You star in all my dirty dreams...I'm with RobsButtonsBabe...can I call the Make A Wish Foundation? My wish would be me + Kellan and one night between the sheets!


Baby factory

and she's not even fat when she's I hate you cause you're beautiful!



This hottie will be on TV this the new show Flash Forward!
whoever thought...hmmm..haven't seen Joseph Fiennes in a while where he been let's give him a TV show =MEGA-GENIUS!!!! i love you! for realz!
can't wait for the return of
House is cool-to-the-spice!

Okay, I'm yahs


Queen of Randomness....still reigning supreme OBVIOUSLY!


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    NO blog makes me laugh more than yours! you are amazing.
    Im gonna miss Sam and Dean :(

    Ian is gorrrrgeous.

    Hot to the spice !!! hahahahahaha.
    youve got me rolling over here i swear.

    vamp diaries is gonna rock (no parents) tehehe.

    You will always be the queen of randomness. That oughta be in the encyclpoedia !

    great blog as always. im still laughin