Sunday, September 20, 2009

More on a Great Man and Random Celeb News

Hey there, Julz reinging Queen of Random here

So, I've been reading magazines about the death of this well-loved and respected man...
Patrick fought for 20 months against the deadliest cancer out there a cancer that should have killed him in 6 months.

I mean who can forget him in Dirty Dancing? His legacy will live forever on that movie...if they remake it with someone else...I am prepared for the consequences of killing whoever's idea that is...I mean they are already making Footloose over again, next thing you know it will be

Zac Efron Stars as Danny Zucco in Grease...alongside, Vanessa Hudgens and an all new soundtrack with songs by Lady Gaga!

Oh Holy Crapballs that better NEVER happen or I will cut a bitch!
I mean it too!

If you haven't watched or seen Dirty Dancing, you are too young to be reading this blog...stop now!

anyhoo..for those of us advanced enough in the years! Let's continue!
Patrick in his last days as the cancer took away those muscles we all loved and adored so much....Damn you CANCER we will find a cure for you one day...

back to celebrating him

one of my favorite movie scenes EVER, hence the reason I know it word for word:

Sylvia, yes Mickey, how do u call your lover boy? Hey lover boy, and if he doesn't answer, oh lover boy, and if STILL doesn't answer, baaaabaaay ohhhhh baaaybbbay ur the one.....
Here he is in Red Dawn, his first big movie.

and a movie that all men love and all women will watch because of the hotness of Patrick Swayze...
and the movie that showed us he REALLY CAN act...Ghost...alongside the queen of the cougars! (Demi Moore)

Here he is in Point Break...alongside a then, baby, Keanu Reeves

One of the saddest things I read in the article he would go work a 12 hour day on The Beast and then come home and
lay in the floor in excruciating pain biting his fist so that his screams wouldn't wake up the woman he had loved since he was 19...
It just makes us love you all the more!

In other news,
Baby names in Hollywood keep getting wierder...

Welcome to the world, Sparrow...son of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden brother to thing u know people will be naming their kids Table and Chair..I mean Michael Jackson already named on of his kids Blanket.

So the other day I was walking through a dark night club when who did I run into?

Only one of the hottest men ever....

oh hello hotness...Jensen yeah um we are engaged!

It's true!

in my fantasies!

Me and @kellebelle1981 cannot stop laughing and quoting the following watch you will funny!

Here's another one that killed me..the rastabortionist...hehahahahahaha


Anyway, I still love Kellan Lutz and I adore whoever it was who took a picture of him working out! Hotness!

Dear Kanye West: I don't care how many times you say you're sorry, what you did was you are NOT forgiven!!!

Although it did give us fodder for some hilarious PHOTOSHOPPED this:
(thanks, pocketedwardseviltwins, ur my fav)

If he had interrupted Voldemort that would be different....but yeah Taylor Swift...not so much!

After all our hard work and pimping major style....we finally got a real legit RPattz tweet....

Thanks a million. Here’s Rob… Hi, it’s Rob… My first and last tweet. My dad made me do it.

Okay...that was very anti-climactic...and I have to say boring...if not a little teeny bit funny...

So, it's official RPattz does not and will never have a twitter account...can you blame him? I mean the man already has everyone tracking his every move why do we think he has the inclination to type it too? Ummm..not!

I love how he calls Peter his dad..hehe

me and the kellebelle have been watching Supernatural and we are officially in love with the following:

Holy hotness, winchester brothers!

Life will royally suck when that show goes off the air! I will however watch all the seasons on DVD over and over and over and over again because of said hotness above...

I tip my cowboy hat to your hotness...awesomespice!

Dear Twilight Cast Members
nah nah nah boo boo...come out come out whereever you are...why when you were shooting New Moon...did your every move get photographed and I will admit I got a little sick of it...then now comes the filming of Eclipse and ...ummm...

The other day I saw like really bad camera angled pictures of one hotness Kellan Lutz working out at a Vancouver gym and there have been like 2 set pics of "the wig" and that's all...nothing...even pics from the VMA's are hella disappointing (although,Rob, taylor and Kristen all looked great)

I know that adoring fans coming at u from every direction can be annoying, but we are jonesin man...we need our Twicrack, we need our Robsten!

Dear Neal Patrick Harris: you bes love you, you are Legen-wait for it-wait-for-it Dary!

We are also in love with the following as well: Who says you can't love more than one man at a time..pshaw!

hello...stefan and your evil and less hot brother damon...haaaaiii hotness!

So here is what Elena is supposed to look like in the books

Hello, blonde and freaking cheerleadery....
here's the TV Elena...can we see the differences...
Umm..not blonde, not cheerleadery, fake fog...not even close!

And my last thing to talk about that kills
I love it the Wedding of the Year,
the whole article is about what Bella's wedding might be like in Breaking Dawn...the details are the details in Breaking Dawn and even some of the quotes...they are running out of stories and things are getting twilight-zone-ish....ahhhh!!!


The "Exotic honeymoon" is Bella and Edward's not Rob and Kristen's oh my gawd are they crazy? This is just....aren't there laws against this or something? Gah!

and hotness...thank you paparrazzi...(we love you shhhh don't tell!)
Guess what? Jackson Rathbone = hotness
and he's in a band hotness x's 2...

you have been taught now go forth and impart this knowledge on others!
I am a teacher after
Just wish all my lessons were this fun!

Anyhoo, run out of topics to ramble about so I'm out...

Love Julz, Queen of Randomness...when it comes to random accept no substitutes!


  1. Not Fair! I didn't watch Dirty Dancing so I had to stop reading! Lol jk
    I saw that stupid wedding of the year and Rob risk it all for Kristen headlines and I was like FTW! Utterly ridiculous.

    I got Vampire Diaries on my iPod since even though my parents ended up loving true blood, they don't like vamp diaries. Lol.

    Jensen Ackles is so sensuous it should be illegal! A demon!
    and the two vamp diaryy bros are sooooo gorgeous!

    Robs tweet was so hilarious.
    Great blog as always! Queen Random! Xo

  2. Patrick Swayze will be missed. R.I.P. Very nice thoughts on him. Red Dawn is one of my favorites, though I love all his movies that I've seen. Everything else in the blog made me laugh, as usual. Could Jensen Ackles be any hotter?!