Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blogging for the Sake of Randomness...

K, so the doctah upped my meds, I not say what kind but they for the sad face!

I think I need to take them 1st thing in the morning cause for the first time in my life I got home and did chores...willingly...cause I wanted to!

OMG! This is no joke! I NEVER do chores!
Anyhoo...on with the Randomness!!!

So a great man died recently!
A truly great man in every way! He's a fighter! He fought cancer for almost 2 years. Cancer that was supposed to kill him in 6 months, pshaw who you docs think you are? Patrick is stronger than your dates he beat it by one and a half years. Screw you cancer!

Patrick we love you and we will miss you always, your character was great in Dirty Dancing and in Ghost, DITTO!
*if u seen Ghost, u know* *wink*

Has anyone noticed? KFed found food....
Dear K-Fed: You were not cute before..but now you are groddyspice!!!

K, Us Weekly has an article about Gerard Butler dissing Jen Aniston

Umm...last I checked Gerard was maturing backwards...he was on the VMA's for cryin out loud...he's not ready for a commitment..and Jen is duhspice!

Dear Jen Aniston: If you go there you know what you are getting...don't hate the playah! Hate the game! If you date him and he cheats then...don't be surprised!

Dear Gerard: I love you, but you are kinda a man ho now!
Last time I checked you like 40....grow the effspice up already!

Dear Stylist that did Kstew's Hair for VMA's: You got a card? I srsly heart you! You bes a genius to take that ugly do and make it a DO! You go! Call me, I need a new style...kthanxbye!

Is it just me, or when you are unwillingly single do you see happy couples EVERY FRICKIN WHERE!?

Dear Demi Moore: You are the funniest comedian ever! You said you've never had Plastic Surgery?

Are you trippin? You expect us to believe this...
Exhibit A:
Srsly? Still sticking to your story..okee...
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Last time I checked..there was no healthy eating or exercise that can fix saggy knees!

But she starred in Ghost with said awesome man who just now died :(
It's srsly sad...miss you already Patrick!

Dear Celebrities: We love you! You are referred to as celebrities because we celebrate and worship me a favor

STOP DYING! kthanxbye!

then there is this man who I love times ten...

Hello, hotness supremeness and you play a vamp! What vampires are hot? No, really?

Dear Robsten: Do your thang...we ain't hatin...but one thing...

Back in the day about 6 months ago...

there was Michael Angarano...aka Oregano..and the whole love triangle thing with him Kstew and Rpattz...were so fun! Are they? Aren't they?

now..u def are and we are def pics...suckspice


Ever since the "so-called" makey outey sesh at the Kings o' Leon concert....



Mags are having to make crap up to be able to write about fair!

come out come out wherever you are!

Dear David Slade: How much of your budget for Eclipse is just for hiding and houdinifying the set and stars (Robsten)? We fans need a fix...Twilight is like...our own personal....HEROIN! WE need it MAN!


So kiddos, here's a little story...once upon a couple years ago...

I had never heard of Twilight. (for shame I know)

I loved me some Carrie Bradshaw

and some Sex and the that Twilight has TAKEN OVER my life...

SATC Movie 2: So not really giving a crap! It' s hard to watch old people in love when you can watch Edward and Bella....just long as there isn't a Twilight Saga movie out...I'll go see it!

Dear Kanye West: I officially hate you...wth man...I will never spend another dime on anything you sing...asshole!

You are suckspice supremeness! GET ON MY ROCKET!!!!

Okee, I'm out for now...

Love Julz, Queen of Randomness.....
When it comes to all things random and hollywierd...I reign SUPREME!
Long Live The Queen of Randomness! Yay!


  1. I couldn't have said it better myself!!From Patrick Swayze to the boring Robsten lack of spectacle to scumbag Kanye West. You dished it out like I like, Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Lol. I hope you feel better soon hon;)

    Kanye sucks a$$.

    What did Gerard do! Omg! LOL. You had me dying with that one. And K-Fed! Utterly hilarious.

    I hate Demi Moore! Why she gets to be married to one of the most gorgeous guys ever is beyond me. No plastic surgery my @$$!

    I never watched Ghost or Dirty Dancing (remember I'm like, seven. Lol)

    Yet Patrick and his struggle will be remembered by all.

  3. muahahahahaha u guys r more funnier than the celebrities stupidity.... ahhhh man ya lot made my day thnx xxxx