Tuesday, September 8, 2009

WHERE DO THEY COME UP WITH THIS CRAP! I need to find me a man...so I need to get on a Hollywood set! STAT!

K, so I got some stuff on my mind...here goes...

Dear Gossip Mags: This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Who those "insiders" are that are giving you this huge glob of cow manewer for a story is delusional...

Srsly, call the men in the white coats..to the looney bin for the so-called sources and the writers of this total crap!

Later on in the article, it says, maybe and nothing is confirmed...uhhh...ya think?

I'm not mad about this cause I care if Rob and Kstew want to get married...I really could care less...one thing that does bug me
I have a degree in journalism!

I'm shaking my head in shame at the horrible level that journalism has sunk to these days I mean really! Whatever happened to truth in journalism, oh wait, that died with Walter Cronkite!

See, here's the thing:

1.) This picture is a manip (photoshopped)
2.) I'm in my late 20's and even if I met "Mr. Right" tomorrow or tonight, somehow, I would not be READY to get married. Not to mention Kstew is all of 19 and Rob is what 23? Has anyone heard of dating...hello...see Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron...duhspice!
3.) why do you have to get married at all? They are supposedly living in sin anyway, so why go to all the trouble?

If they are "officially dating" which hasn't been announced and now they have jumped to Engaged? HUH? Didn't we skip a step...or 5?


So, the new Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper movie All About Steve came out this labor day weekend...and it was an EPIC FAIL!
This just proves that putting Sandra Bullock and a hot very "now" celeb guy in a movie does not an automatic hit make...sorry Sandy

Just because the following are in a movie does not make it a huge success:
1.) Sandra Bullock-from the insanely funny and clever movie The Proposal

2.) The haircut straight off of Kstew's head (can anyone say grown out mullet?)

3.) The "red boots" from Footloose

4.) Bradley Cooper from the insanely popular and clever and funny movie The Hangover and just hotspice to the extreme!

5.) Together with the dude who played Lowell on Wings in the 90s.

All 5 of these things apparently makes a mvoie that got beat by like the 16th Final Destination movie! SAD!

Dear Nikki Reed: Still with that Paris Latsis guy? Dude! Why?
Just sayin'

Dear Demi Moore: I think you are hilarious!
To say that you haven't had any work done..and look like you do at 45? I don't think so! There is no way all of that is purely genetics or luck! Srsly? I highly doubt it and so does everyone else oh mighty QUEEN OF THE COUGARS!

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer got engaged!
Does this mean we have to deal with Bill saying Sookeh! more! I'm so ready for Sookee and Eric...hello hotness...
My lover...
(I so wish)
Dude...let me in the bath with u!

So, Canadian hottie, Hayden "Darth Vader" Christensen, popped the big question to his longtime gal-pal Rachel Bilson! SNOOZE!
zzzzzzzzzzzz...boring! although...bummer...he's hotness

Looks like I need to get on a movie set...apparently that's where you find the "marrying kind" of guy

1.)Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner -that superhero movie he did
2.) Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer- True Blood
3.) Julia Roberts and her cameraman husband
4.) if you believe what you read...Robsten
5.) Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen
6.)Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
and the list goes on and on...I need to shoot a TVshow/movie to find me a man!

Dear Cam Gigandet: Another vampire movie, srsly? what the forks?
So apparently, he's making a vampire movie called PRIEST which stars Paul Bettany as well...husband to Jennifer Connelly who met on a movie set add them to list above.
Hello hotness!
Why did James have to die again? Why don't you just agree not to hurt Bella and you can be in the movie again...kthanxbye! *sigh* you will be missed in New Moon. Methinks the celebmanmeat blog will be featuring your hotspiceness soon! Hmm...yup!

Dear Hollywood: Did someone tell you, that you and you alone had to repopulate our species..what's with all the babies???? SRSLY? It's like babies are the new "it" accessory! Like the teacup chihuahua used to be....

OMG! Next thing you know Paris Hilton will be procreating..and it really will be the END OF THE WORLD...do not...I REPEAT.....DO NOT... pass on those skankified genes...yuckspice!
OMG! I just found out that she is in the Guiness Book of World Records as "The Most Overrated Celebrity" hahahahahaha....so true! There is some Truth in journalism!

This just in...in the DUH! news of the decade:
Michael Jackson was killed by drugs...it's now OFFICIAL...was there ever any doubt? SRSLY?

Apparently, like every other girl in the world, Vanessa Hudgens, one-half of HSM's dream team, has a little crush on RPattz....well duh! She has eyes!

K, here's the story!
Apparently Vanessa, is using friends Ashley Green and Nikki Reed to get closer to Rpattz and his hotness! For once, I have to say...you go girl!

I would if I could!
Does anyone blame her, I mean really?
Da man is hotspice! She just seeing it like it is!

He's dark and brooding and arty and musical and edgy as opposed to her all-American boyfriend! Duh! For once, Vanessa I don't hate you, just for this week, kthanxbye!

And there is nothing else interesting to report...so umm..I'm still reeling over the bogus engagement news...

Edward and Bella get engaged...not Rpattz and Kstew!


P.S. I didn't buy this craptacular article off the newstand...(i have a subscription...shut up! Don't judge!)

I'm trying (crossing fingers) to get the kellebelle addicted to the hotness that is Supernatural!
I hope she does get addicted cause she is so fun to watch cringe-worthy stuff with!!!

Hello, hotness=Sam and especially Dean!

She's almost hooked...a few more episodes and she will be an addict (please God!)

okay now I'm out!
K, that's my opinion oughta be urs!

Love Julz
Queen of Randomness!

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  1. OMG!! I sooo love you! Esp. about the Kstewpid and Rpattz marriage thing! I love your blogs, you totally crack me up!! Good job! And keep 'em coming!! :)