Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Crappy Monday!

Universal Truth #5 Mondays will always and have always sucked.

1.) Mondays come after the weekend and too soon.
2.) They ruin Sunday cause all you can think about is how 2moro is Monday
3.) People like me have a CONSTANT and annoying "case of the Mondays"

(see pic below)

Tomorrow is Tuesday!
One more day closer to Friday!
Me and
 Kelley will be these 28 year old nerds
with our Gryffindor jackets and
 my Gryffindor T-shirt and her Muggle T-shirt
If you see us, say hi! Or call us dorks
WE are proud of our dorkiness!
Have you
had "one of those days?"

I did...woke up!
Microwaved something....burnt my fingers pulling it out of microwave.
Went to 
work out...
Came home....nothing to watch

Couldn't find
 my keys
Couldn't find
 the remote
Couldn't find my camera case (left it last night at J. Alexander's)
Couldn't find my cell phone
Ear Ache! Sore throat! No Advil
Went to grocery to get Advil, learned the word Analgesics...thought it was like Pepto or something...who knew..I'm not a walking dictionary!
Took Advil
Felt tired
(in my defense I was starving)

Got home couldn't find anything...
Dear Kelley: When you do move in, be prepared 
to help me look for the following
Pocket Edward
Pocket Edward Ray Bans
Pocket Edward Ray Bans Legs
Pocket Ray Bans Head if falls 
off again
Buffy's Protector Umbrella
Pocket Buffy
Pocket prom Angel
Pocket Bella
Print-outs of very important documents
various knick knacks
bags of stuff from Hot Topic...

Does this stuff disappear on anyone else? or is it just me?
 This is God's way of punishing me!

Dear Laundry: Why can't I be a witch like Mrs. Weasley in Harry Potter and have you do yourself?
Dear Mom: Thanks for the lunch invite, tired didn't want to 
wake up
Dear Rach: Do not! I repeat, Do not! call me and ask permission to stay at my house yous bes my sista, you are 
always welcome, me casa es su casa!
Dear Nor: I'm so jealous that you get to go on all these all expenses paid trips to Charleston and Greenville although I
have no idea where those places are.

Dear Me: Buy my cats food before this happens

Bad Kitty, NO! Pocket
 Edward is not food!
I will rescue you PE!

that was a close one!

I hate you traffic light near my house DIE!

K so the one high light to my Mondays are going to be from now on!
New RPattz Poster Week

Okay so it's not very straight and it's hanging over my Supernatural Calendar, but it's a Jared month and I'm a Jensen girl
It says Red 
Carpet Romeo Rob
It came from this magazine:
(genius Us Weekly)

Since there are four Rob posters there will be one for each week of the month

Why you may ask can I not hang them all at once?
My Mom and Dad help me with my house
When I hung up my FRAMED Twilight Poster, my Mom
 asked me if I was 10 I said no!
When I did a collage last year in my bathroom my mom ripped it down saying it was too teenage and looked

If that were to happen to the Rob posters 

Now it's 4 Am on Tuesday and I'm ready for Beddy by
Dear Computer (Mac book): You are 
so freaking slow! I need a new one and
Dear Contact Lenses: I hate you, you always get dry and irritate my eyes
Dear Lasik Eye Surgery Dude: Please lower the price so I can get good vision without glasses or contacts. Kthanxbye!

Pocket Edward was bored too
He hates Mondays as 
much as anyone!
Plus it was sunny today so he got stir crazy!
PE: Dude I don't remember the apple being this big in the movie
Me: The guy in the movie was 6 feet tall you are 7 inches tall and he was human size
PE: Shut up you are mean! Why do you have to bring that guy up all the time? You're a stalker!
Me: Oh no you di nt!
Me: *moves candle closer to PE*
PE: okay okay you aren't a stalker much! Please don't put me in the candle...
*sparkle sparkle sparkle*
Me: Nope not working
PE: I'm sorry I will never call you a stalker again
Me: okay you're forgiven for now!
PE: What did you do to my apple you Evil human
Me: ate it
PE: bitca
Me: What was that?
PE: Nothing!

Dear Blogger:  have I mentioned you suck?

Dear CelebManMeat 100th post: WE could have had 200 posts for the amount of time you are taking...we are only on 6 dude!

PE: You ate my apple payback is a bitch!
Me: What are you planning?
PE: keyboard plus water=bad
Me: Do it and I will feed you to my cats and then step on you!

We fight a lot in case you didn't notice.

PE: This is the dude you think I look like?
Me: Yeah duh!
PE: You bes trippin
Me: You only wish you were as hot as him
PE: *eye roll*  Whatever crazy human girl!

Love you my few but quality followers spread the word I'll have  give away if someone can get me 40 followers by the end of August!
Love ya, Julz

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  1. omg if i have to help you find ray bans edward's legs...

    we need a storage container for all your pocket shit too! :P

    harry potter harry potter harry potter!