Sunday, July 12, 2009

I Swear Robert Pattinson is not HUMAN! He's too good looking!

Robert Pattinson is not human is that good looking!

(sorry not even you Brad Pitt)
Okay prepare yourselves for the hotness!

Holy Crap..Gimme More is right!

Dear Reeses Pieces: you are addictive....damn it's not right! What would Logan say! *cowers with fear of getting fat*! (btw I do have an eating disorder but it's not like bulimia or's a hatred of food is what it is...a love/hate thing!

Dear guys from Supernatural: All I have to say is damn! Yous fine!
That's how you make a peacoat sexy!
Why are the towels so good at staying on hot men but come off ugly men easily?
That sucks!

Dear Thunderstorms: listen carefully, cool down Nashville, don't just leave us with so much humidity it's worse than the Amazon rainforest.

Dear Us Weekly: You bes genius extraordinaire, duh a Hot Stars of Twilight issue!
True Story!

This is what I did last night:
drank wine and watched:
Harry Potter and the Roblet of Fire with @kellebelle1981
Rob as Cedric Diggory see below:

Dear Stephenie Meyer: I'm not complaining and all, okay a little bit, but I love the series I mean duh I've read it like 4 times, but why does Rosalie have a bad ass Mercedes and Carlisle and Emmett have an insanely awesome Jeep, but Edward drives a Volvo, hybrid sedan thingie, wtf? WHY? I mean at least give him an Audi or something like that seriously!

Random Observation: Nashville is under a near constant cover of clouds and rain too, does that like make us like Forks? Can hot Edward Cullenesque vamps come live here now too?

Dear Stephenie Meyer: Purple is my favorite color too! What a coincidence...did you write the book about me? Oh and I'm clumsy!

Dear Kristen Stewart: if you are pregnant (highly unlikely) make sure it's Rob's and if so, make it wait until Breaking Dawn is shooting to show...right? Kthanxbye!
Also, if it's Rob's get on your knees and thank god you didn't have little spice babies with OREGANO
Okay enough about Edward Rob on to another hotness supremeness!

This is awesome and so freaking true!

Johnny Depp I love you. The End.

This is the hottest thing I think I've ever seen! I died!

Dear Laptop maker people: I realize that size matter when it comes to laptops, but
Can't you make the speakers a little better...I can barely hear songs :(

Dear Headache: Why do you always come visit me on Sundays or on days when I don't have something to do.
Dear Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: Just thought you should know, me and Kelley will be there with our Gryffindor stuff on and we will be sitting in the theatre at the stroke of midnight on Tuesday TRUST!

exhibit A:
case closed

The you guys!

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