Monday, July 20, 2009

Robs Buttons! and Taylor's Duh Moment! and some Seriously Funny Shizz

This is awesomespice!

So I was doing some heavy reading today...*ahem*

Okay, so this magazine has been on the shelves for a long time, I know, but I just bought it today, so you know, new to me!

There were some things I found really funny in the issue

A quote from Rob says about New Moon:
"I really hope it's going to live up to the hype. Hopefully it will...The last one was kind of a success." - Robert Pattinson

Umm..Rob...kind of a success?

Duh! Only kinda

hehe...he's so dorky he's cuter than ever.

Then as an introduction to an article about Taylor's expanding character in New Moon...lots of blah blah then this sentence

and I quote:
"Taylor, who discovered that he was part Native American while doing research for the part of Jacob."



I have a way he could find out he was part Native American,
find a picture of Native Americans then go to the mirror and hold it up next to you...voila!

Research over!!!

Hello if you look like umm..I dunno, Rob and you found out that you were part Native American that would be one thing, but HELLO!

DUH! to the 10 thousandth degree!!!!

K, so I looked up Native American on Google, here's what came up...hehe!

hello hotness!

anyhoo! Was there even a question of Lil Tay's heritage, I mean really?

Taylor, if your body looks like this guy's it might just be worth that trip to jail. Who could wait until this guy turned 18 to take a ride on his ummm...anyhoo!

Okay, we all know that Pocket Alice is coming out, but not until February 17th 2009 the day before my birthday _hint_@kellebelle1981 can you say birthday present?

Just sayin'

Anyway here's the picture, apparently she will be for sale at Comic Con I think...not sure!

I love that she has a mirror behind her and a team Jacob keychain on her left side! Yay!


me and @kellebelle1981 are watching this

Yay again!

I've been keeping Vampire hours..hope Eric is proud, I'll take him as a lover any day, I hate you Sookie!

Hello there hotness, I mean my lover!

I wanna be able to wear this and it be true!
Mrs. Northman is damn right!

Vicious Bitch! That's All!

tomorrow, for some more of my favorite things!
Keep reading...more silliness to come

BTW, I will heretofore call Rob, Claudia from now on as his older sisters did when he was younger it will be my special code.

Just Kidding!

OH also

PFach "Wow, that name caught on fast." -Kelley Bauer


"I can walk down the street and get a cup of coffee, but Rob couldn't go anywhere. He had to go into hiding."-PFach

So true, so true!

Poor Rob!

The magazine also talks about Twitter and how KStew as of press time says that she does not have a Twitter and neither does Rob. Hmmmm...maybe not! Dunno, but I highly doubt with how much he is already in the press that he would voluntarily put his status on Twitter, he wants privacy people! I mean Twitter is not private.

If I find out any more information...I'm sure I'll be the last to know! But I'll prolly tell you anyway, just like I read stuff to @kellebelle and she pretends to be interested even though I know it's against her will!

This is so true, and HILARIOUS!
hahaha...Rob could advertise anything..see below!

Everyone met Claudia?
Claudia, meet blog
Blog, meet Claudia

What blind man, made this?

WARNING: BE on the lookout for a blind Dollmaker!!!!!

Holy Crap! ApparRently the Avada Kedavra curse makes fan girls follow you!
Damn, that may be a fate worse than death! Call Voldemort!

FILM FANTASY: Question to Rob:
Vampires are all about immortality Would you pat a price in exchange for immortality?

ROBERT: Answer to above question
I don't think so. It depends. If you've got something to stick around for, then yes. But now, I'd just be like, "Nah!" If somebody said you were going to die in a couple of weeks, I'd just be like, "Oh, at least I won't have to work out anymore."

That Rob always looking on the bright side of of the many reasons we love him!

*rob shrieks* See, how do YOU like it!

Maybe, if I hide behind this post, the crazy fan girls will go away and stop shrieking...can you see me????

Click here for the DEFINITION of a FAN GIRL!
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and finally!

This is crazy even for ROBWARD!

I have no words!


Just fell off my couch from laughing...hehehehehehehehehe

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  1. okay i don't think that last picture of rpattz's hair qualifies as sex hair! wow. i want the fangirls poster to hang up in my room somewhere. i'll think about getting you pocket alice for your birthday. we'll see...if we have any money left over after twi tour that is! :P